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Here are answers to Frequently Asked Work Order Questions.


1. How do you remove an item that has been delivered?

Work Order Parts OptionsWork Order Parts Options
  1. Open the Work Order
  2. Click the Tasks/Parts button in the top right corner of the screen
  3. Make sure the Parts List tab is active
  4. Click on the delivered part you want to remove – this moves the part details into the center section of the screen
  5. Click the Options button
  6. Find the Return link and click on it
  7. Choose the Location you want to Return To
  8. Enter the Quantity to be returned. Note: You cannot return more quantity than has been delivered.
  9. Click Save Return
  10. Enter the Required Return Memo and click Continue
  11. Now you will note that the Delivered number will be reduced by the quantity you entered. And the Allocated field will increase by the same number.
  12. Additionally, you’ll see that the This Item tab shows the part in the location you chose in step 7 above.
  13. Now you have three options:
    1. Transfer – enter a new location to transfer the part into. The part will still be allocated to the job.
    2. Deliver – redeliver the part to the customer on the work order.
    3. Remove – this will un-allocate the part making it available to stage for another job.
      1. Enter Transfer To, Transfer Qty, and press Save Removal
2. How do I add tasks to my work order from a project?
If you have a task attached to a project, and want to insert it into a specific work order – Guess what? You totally can!
New Task from Project in a Work OrderNew Task from Project in a Work Order

To create a new task inside a Work Order that is already in the Project:

Inside the Work Order simply go to Tasks/Parts > New from Project > select the white box next to the task you want in the pop-up window > Add Selected Tasks. This task will now show up in your task list inside that work order and in the project.

To create a new task inside a Project:

Open the Project Details > in the right hand corner click Tasks/Parts > New Task. Here you can enter in a task that pertains to this project, attach a punch list, choose a specific location, assign it, add notes, and more.

3. Can I switch labor phases on a work order?
Switch Labor Phase PhoneSwitch Labor Phase Phone

When you Check-In for a Work Order, you first choose your Labor Phase such as travel, install, service, trim out, etc. But did you know you can switch to a different labor phase without checking out first then checking back in? This is useful if you want to record travel labor, then switch to install labor when arriving on site. Or maybe you are doing an install, and the customer wants you to do service work on something else after your install. It’s as simple as clicking the Switch Labor button and selecting the new phase you want to do, and it can all be done from your phone.

To switch labor phases on a work order from your phone:

  • Starting in the Dashboard > click Work Orders
  • In the lower right corner, click the Clock Icon
  • In the popup menu, click Switch Labor
  • Click the new Labor Phase you are switching to

Switching Labor Phases from PhoneSwitching Labor Phases from Phone

The system will automatically break up your time checked in per labor phase.

You can always edit the time you checked in and out and the labor phases associated with each. To view or make changes go to Work Orders > Time & Billing > Time On-Site

4. How do I enter my time manually on a work order?

manual entry iosManual Entry on iOS
  1. From a work order, tap the time icon at the bottom right
  2. Tap the Manual Entry button
  3. Choose a user from the Resource dropdown list
  4. Choose Labor Phase from the Labor Phase dropdown list
  5. Type in any relevant notes in the Memo field (optional)
  6. Tap one of the quick time entry buttons, such as 10 Min, 45 min, 1 Hour, etc.
  7. Or tap the Custom button to enter a custom time:
    1. Option 1: Choose a Start & End Date and Time
      1. Choose a Start Date and Start Time
      2. Choose an End Date and End Time
      3. Tap the Save Option 1 button
    2. Option 2: Enter Specific Duration in Minutes
      1. Type in a time in the Enter Duration field
      2. Click the Save Option 2 button

custom manual entry iosCustom Manual Entry on iOS

option 1 and 2 iosInput Start/End or Duration of Minutes on iOS

manual time entry desktopEnter Manual Time on a Desktop Computer

Manually Enter Time on a WO from a Desktop Computer

  1. Click the Manual Entry button
    option 1Choose a Start and End Date and Time
  2. Choose a user from the Resource dropdown list
  3. Choose a labor phase from the Labor Phase dropdown list
  4. Type in a note in the Memo field (optional)
  5. Enter the time worked using one of the three options available:
    1. Option 1: Choose a start and end date and time
      1. Choose a Start Date and Start Time
      2. Choose an End Date and End Time
      3. Click the Save button
    2. Option 2: Enter a specific duration in minutes
      enter minutes option 2Enter a Specific Duration of Minutes
      1. Type in a specific number of minutes worked in the Duration in Minutes field
      2. Click the Save button
    3. 3: Choose a quick time entry button
      1. Click one of the quick time entry buttons to mark how many minutes/hours you worked, such as 5 Min, 15 Min, 1 Hour, 4 Hours

quick time entry option 3Choose a Quick Time Entry

With both Option 2 and 3, your time entry will start however many minutes or hours ago that you indicated in your time entry and your time entry will end at the current time. For example, if choose option 3 for quick time entry and click the 30 Min button, you will be clocked out 30 minutes ago and clocked back in at the current time.

5. How do I replace parts on a work order?
add replacement partAdd a Replacement Part to the Work Order

We’re here to help you take the guesswork out of some of the technology troubles you may encounter. In this edition of “Help! Robots are taking over the world,” we bring you the fol-low-ing:

How to Replace Parts on a Work Order

  1. Open the work order from your computer or iOS device
  2. Select the part you wish to replace
  3. In the part information in the center column, click the Options button
    1. From iOS: WO > Parts icon > Select the part > Click Gear icon at the top
  4. In the Popover window that opens, click the Add Replacement Part button
  5. Choose a replacement part
  6. Enter the number of replacement parts you want to add in the Enter Qty field
  7. Choose a location from the Staging Location dropdown list if you would like to deliver the item at this time
  8. Click the Save & Create Task button or the Save button
    replacement part on iOSAdding a Replacement Part on iOS
  9. Go to the Sales Order > Project tab
  10. In the Added Parts list, click the Add Parts Options button
  11. In the popover window, click the Add to Change Order button
  12. In the Select Change Orders window that opens, select the item and add it to the change order
    1. The window shows the original part being replaced—jot down the original part information so you can easily remove it from the change order
  13. Go to the Designer and manually remove the original part (there is no automated process for this)
add replacement to change orderAdd the Part to a Change Order
select partSelect the Part and Click Add Selected To Change Order Button
6. Is it possible to duplicate a work order?
duplicate a WODuplicate a WO

You may be able to duplicate a WO in less than half the time it takes currently!

The secret? When duplicating a Work Order all you need to do is select a technician. There is no need to fill in the rest of the fields; they will automatically fill in with the original WO information.*

Duplicate a WO in Just 3 Clicks

  1. Click the Duplicate button
  2. Select a technician
  3. Click one of the 4 buttons at the bottom to finalize the duplicate WO:
    1. Choose whether to duplicate the WO and link it to the original, or not
    2. Choose whether to send a notification to the new technician, or not

That’s it!

Note: Feel free to fill in any of those other fields, as needed if they happen to be different than those on the original WO.

7. Can work orders be un-linked?
Un-link WOUn-link WO

If you got a Work Order that wants to “break free” from linked up Work Orders, you can now unlink them. Simply open up the Work Order details > go to Options > Advanced (tab) > Unlink Work Order.

This will un-link that Work Order from any other linked work order. The other linked Work Orders will still be linked together.


8. My iPhone pictures aren’t viewable in iPoint.
Turn Off High Efficiency PhotosTurn Off High Efficiency Photos

The latest iOS update introduced a new image format called High-Efficiency photos. These images are not compatible with most Windows devices. As a result, High-Efficiency photos entered into iPoint will not show up on all devices in your company.

When you look at the media list, a High-Efficiency photo will not show a thumbnail, as illustrated here. The top photo is a “Most Compatible” image. The bottom photo is a “High-Efficiency” photo.
Photo Fail

Here is the solution

On your iPhone, go to Settings > Camera > Format and select Most Compatible.

This will ensure the pictures you are taking on your iPhone and uploading to iPoint will be visible for all to see.

9. Technicians are not showing up in the dropdown list.
Calendar Group for Tech SelectionCalendar Group for Tech Selection

When trying to assign a technician on a work order, no names are populating in the drop-down option or the wrong names are populating.

This drop-down field is populated by the calendar group selected in Options on the work order. Once set on a work order, that calendar group will apply to all future work orders until changed.

  • Calendar groups are created in Settings > Module Settings > Calendar.
  • Each User can be listed in up to five separate calendar groups: set in Settings > Users > Calendar > Select Calendar Groups.

In each Work Order, there is also an option to select the list of staff that appears on that list. Work Order > Options > Standard (tab) Drop Down List.

Last modified: 26 Feb 2021

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