The payment module is where iPoint will track all payments made by customers.

Payments ModulePayments module

Across the top of the window are your standard sort options:

The Payments button indicates that payments are being displayed. Clicking on the button allows the user to navigate between sections in the accounting module.

The Sort button reorganizes the payments displayed by ascending or descending date. Use the drop-down Saved Sort option to organize the list by:

  • Reference #
  • Payment Date
  • Customer Name
  • Payment Amount
  • Payment Type
  • Payment Memo

The Options button has different ways of filtering the list of payments.

  • Payment Date (Start) / Payment Date (End) – Using a Start and/or End Date
  • Needs Syncing – Show the sync status of payments to QuickBooks
    • Show Only – show only payments that have not yet been synced
    • Don’t Show – display payments that have already been synced
    • Show All – show every payment, synced or not
  • Has Credit – Show if the payment has an unapplied credit balance available
    • Show Only – only payments that are not fully applied to invoices will be displayed
    • Don’t Show – display payments that are fully applied to invoices and have no credit available
    • Show All – show every payment

The New button opens a new Payment Details window.

The Wild Card Search is used to search the entire list of payments for transactions that match the wildcard details you put in.

  • Type “Elon Musk” to find all payments made by Elon Musk, for example.
  • Type “American Express” to find any payment made using an American Express card.
  • Type “150” to find any payment of $150.00.

Payment List

The main body of the Payments window details each of the payments

Ref# is the iPoint serial number for the payment

Sync icon shows the payment status being synced to QB.

  • QB green dot The green dot signifies that the payment has been synchronized to QuickBooks
  • QB orange dot The orange dot signifies that a change has been made to the payment since last synced. Typically the payment has been applied to an invoice since someone last synced it.
  • The no sign indicates that this payment has been marked Do Not Sync and won’t be pushed to QuickBooks.

Date is the date of the payment

Customer is the name of the customer the payment if from

Amount displays the amount of the payment

Type shows what type of payment, credit card, check, cash, etc.

Available Credit is the payment amount that has not been applied to an invoice yet. A $0.00 indicates the payment is fully applied

Ref Number is the reference or check number entered on the payment

Memo is a user-entered note on the payment itself

iPoint Version: 10.0316
Last modified: 1 Apr 2022

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