Cover Page DesignerCover Page Designer

The Cover Page of each Custom Template can be modified in a number of different ways using this Cover Page Designer. The designer consists of seven separate tabs, each of which can be edited individually.

  • The Main Windows shows all layers combined for PC users.
  • The Main Mac shows all combined layers for users with an Apple computer.
  • Main Image is where you can edit the picture that is displayed.
  • Main Text Windows gives you specific control over text placement, style, size, font, etc on a Windows machine.
  • Main Text Mac is where you will modify text in an Apple computer.

Note: Printing layout varies slightly between Windows and Macintosh computers. Spacing and alignment various subtly enough that when you are using specific spacing tolerances, images and text don’t align the same. This is the reason you’ll see separate texts for Mac and Windows text.

Additionally, the cover page can be extended to a second page. Typically this would be used for a text narrative of the company history or product and service offerings. The 2nd page has two layers:

  • Page 2 Image where you can add/edit a graphic image.
  • Body Text which provides the opportunity to control text placement, style, size, and font.

We don’t have separate tabs for PCs and Macs here because there are no graphic elements in play.

Cover Page Designer

The main portion of this tab shows what your Cover Page looks like. To the right of the preview are several controls:

Select Merge Text: The cover page can include details from the individual proposals as you print them. To place merge text,

  1. Choose an option from the Select Merge Text drop-down
  2. Place the cursor on the cover page where you want the merged text to be displayed
  3. Click the Insert button

When the Cover Page is printed for a specific proposal, it will print the requested information.

Image Selection: The cover page can either show a full-page image, covering the entire printed area, or a smaller half-page image placed at the top or bottom of the page. This image is defined on the Main Image tab.

Text Selection: By default, iPoint will print the following on the bottom third of the Cover Page:

  • Proposal Name
  • Date Prepared
  • Customer Name
  • Sales Person Name

Choosing Custom from the dropdown list allows customization of text, typically done on one of the Main Text tabs.

White Text with Full Page Image: If the full-page graphic image displayed on the cover page is dark, the black text will be difficult to read. Checking this checkbox changes the font color to white so it is visible.

No Text with Full Page Image: Checking this box hides the Default text (chosen in text selection) when a full-page graphic is used. Note: This option is hidden if the Custom Text Selection is used.

No full screen image when proposal has custom image – Placing a check in this box causes the full page image to be hidden if the proposal itself has a custom image. If no custom image is included in the proposal then the full page image will display as normal. Note: This option only displays if the Image Selection is set to Full Screen.

Detail showing Justification DotsDetail showing Justification Dots

Text Layers: At the bottom of the screen, directly under the cover page preview window, are three dots. These dots appear when the Text Selection is set to Custom.

  • Clicking on the left-hand dot activates the left-justified text layer.
  • Clicking on the center dot activates the center-justified text layer.
  • Clicking the right dot activates, you guessed it, the right-justified text layer.

Once activated, you can click on the cover page and type to edit the text or choose a Merge Text from the drop-down menu and insert it onto the page on a specific layer.


iPoint Version: 10.0521
Last modified: 25 May 2021

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