Mileage ReportMileage Report

The Mileage report details the number of miles and time company vehicles are driven while doing work. Entries can either be made in the Autos module on the Mileage tab or through a link on the Autos tab of a work order.

Using the settings at the top of the report, select:

  • Vehicle – chose a company vehicle from the dropdown list
  • Start Date – choose a date to show trips entered on or after this date
  • End Date – choose an ending date to show trips that occurred or before the date

The report shows:

  • Trip Start
    • Location
    • Begining Mileage
    • Begining Date and Time
  • Trip End
    • Location
    • Ending Mileage
    • Ending Time
  • Total/Hours
    • Distance traveled – in miles
    • Minutes – how long did the trip take



Auto Reports optionsAuto Reports options

The Options button provides the standard report generation options

  • Print – sends the report to the printer using your computer’s print dialogue
  • Email – attaches a PDF of the report to a new email using your default email program
  • Save – save the report as a PDF to your computer or network
  • Close – close the Options window


Exporting the Mix Analysis report into a spreadsheet program is simple, using the instructions available here: Dashboard > Exporting.

Here is a list of the useable export field names, along with a description

  • auto – the iPoint vehicle ID – this field will not be useful in an exported report.
  • c_autoName – the name of the vehicle
  • locationEnd – the location where the trip ended, either the name of a work order or a Stop Point.
  • locationStart – the end location for the trip. Again, this could be a work order name or a Stop Point.
  • mileageEnd – the odometer reading entered at the end of the trip
  • mileageStart – the starting odometer reading
  • mileageStartTime – the date and time stamp when the trip began
  • mileageStopTime – the ending date and time stamp when the trip concluded
  • tripDistance – how many miles were driven for the trip (calculated by subtracting the starting odometer reading from the ending odometer reading.
  • tripTime – the number of minutes that passed from the start to the end of the trip
  • userID – the user’s iPoint ID – this field will not be useful in an exported report.
  • z_creationAccountName – the user name of the individual who created the trip record

Note: any field that starts with an s_ is a summary field and is not helpful when exporting to Excel. Additionally, the Globals fields are used by iPoint for the behind-the-scenes organization of the data and will not be beneficial in an Excel report.

iPoint Version: 10.0916
Last modified: 20 Sep 2021

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