Items Sold reportItems Sold report

The Items Sold report lists all items that have been placed on invoices, regardless of where the invoice was generated. The report shows:

  • Item – the Item Name
  • Qty – the number of items sold
  • Amount – the total amount of all items sold
  • % – this is the percentage of this line dollar value compared to the total report value. For example, if you were to run a report by a specific manufacturer, you could see what percent each individual item was of the manufacturers sold items. Or, you could sort the report by category to show how much business is done in each category of equipment.
  • Avg Price – the average price of all items sold, calculated by dividing the amount by the quantity
  • COGS – the total cost of all the items
  • Avg COGS – the average cost of the items sold, calculated by dividing the COGS by the quantity
  • Profit – how much money was made, calculated by subtracting the COGS from the amount
  • Margin % – how much margin was made, calculated by dividing the profit by the amount. If the margin displayed is ?, that means there was a math error, typically division by 0.

Items Sold optionsItems Sold options

The Options button provides several ways to customize the report to suit your needs.

Summarize By
Manufacturer – groups all the items on the report together by manufacturer name
Category – groups the items together by product category
Type – groups products together by type
Item – groups sales by item name

Note: The summary checkboxes work in the order you select them. So, if you choose the manufacturer first and then the item, you will see the parts grouped by manufacturer. However, selecting items before manufacturer will show parts grouped by item and then a sub-sort by the manufacturer.

  • Invoice From Date – displays items that were placed on invoices on or after the date entered
  • Invoice To Date – shows items on invoices on or before the date
  • Manufacturer – only shows items from the manufacturer chosen in the dropdown
  • Category – just displays items that match the category chosen
  • Type – includes items that have the same type as selected in the dropdown
  • Wild Card Search – use a freeform text to find items that match item name, manufacturer name, or description
  • Only Balance Due – this looks at the invoice paid status to select items
    • False – shows items that are on paid invoices
    • True – shows items that are on invoices with a balance due
  • Customer – choose a customer from the dropdown to only show their purchased items
  • Customer Type – use the client-type field to filter items

Hint: You can use multiple summaries and filter settings to refine the report exactly to your liking.


  • Print – allows you to print the report using your computer’s print dialogue
  • Save – save a PDF of the report using the save feature on your computer
  • Email – attach a PDF copy of the report to an email
  • View PDF – open the PDF for viewing on your computer screen
  • Close and Update – close the options window and regenerate the report using the options selected above
Last modified: 5 May 2020

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