Project Module SettingsProject Module Settings

The options on this tab control functionality in the Project Module.

Use Color Override on Milestone Done

Default SO Docs to be viewable on Projects/WO: Documents can be stored on a Sales Order in the Docs/Asgmts/Data tab. Each document has a checkbox that makes it visible on Projects and Work Orders. These documents are not shared by default. Checking this setting will automatically make all Sales Order documents viewable on Projects and Work Orders.

Show Alert icon for tasks added to a Sales Order Project: The task list on a project comes from a list of parts and tasks on the sales order. If tasks or parts/tasks are added manually to the project, an alert icon can be added to the task making them easier to identify. Selecting this option places a in front of the manually added task(s) on the project. Note: This only applies to projects that originated from a sales order and does not apply to stand-alone projects.

Require Class Field: Classes are used in QuickBooks to track various segments of a business. If your company uses classes in QuickBooks, checking this box will force users to assign a project class. If no class is chosen the user will be prompted to add a class and won’t be able to move forward without adding one. Note: Classes are setup in QuickBooks and imported into iPoint in Settings > QuickBooks > Lists.

Projects Disable Milestone Update Prompt

Invoice Labor Time New to Old: By default, the time entered on a work order for service or time & material billing is displayed on the associated invoice with the oldest dates/times displayed first. This option reverses the print sequence, displaying the most recent dates/times first.

Add Parts – Add the Inventory Location to Memo Line: When a part is added to a project or work order, this option will cause the inventory location to be included on the memo line. This is helpful for determining where inventory was pulled from, like a technicians van or a remote warehouse.

Add Sales Description to Tasks from Sales Order: When tasks are created from a sales order, the description field will come from either the Tech Description, set up on the Item Detail, or the salesperson’s comments entered in the item notes section of the Designer. This checkbox includes the Sales Description, set up on the Item Detail, to the task description.

Don’t default WO Type to Project: When creating a work order using the Project > Create Work Order button, the work order type will automatically be set to Project. Checking this box will leave the work order type blank. When used in conjunction with the Work Order module setting to require work order type, users will then have to set the work order status manually.

Only Show Related contacts for Specified Customer/Job: Description coming soon

Use compact view for Related Contacts – Description coming soon

Expense Item

Technicians can track their expenses directly on a work order. When they buy products at the hardware store, for example, they can capture the cost of those charges on the associated work order. Expenses can then be added to the customer’s invoice. Since items purchased at the hardware store may not be actual items in the iPoint database, we need to set-up a default item so that iPoint can track these transactions and push them to QuickBooks for accurate financial accounting.

  • Default Expenses Item – Create an Item in the items module, you might call it Expense. In the dropdown field here, select the expense item you created.
  • Default Expense Markup – When adding an expense item to the customer’s invoice, iPoint can automatically mark up the price so you can make some profit on the purchase. Select a percent from this dropdown list to define how much markup will be placed on expense items.

Project Custom Field SettingsProject Custom Field Settings

Custom Field Names

Projects have two custom Pop Up Lists available to track information that may not be hard-coded into the iPoint software.

Last modified: 7 Apr 2020

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