iPointTech SettingsiPointTech Settings

The Settings screen defines how much data is available offline and some display settings for the App. These settings are user-specific and only affect the user on the device where they are set.

Work Orders

  • Records Per Page – enter a number to define how many work orders will display at a time on the Work Orders List
  •   View All Techs Work Orders – check this box to download all technicians’ work orders. A supervisor or manager typically does this. Leave unchecked only to download your work orders.
  •   Auto-Clockin on Check In – check this box to force iPoint to clock you in on the time clock (on the dashboard). Leave it unchecked, and you will have to check in manually.


  • Records Per Page – how many time clock entries are visible on the Time Clock page? Enter a number here to define how many entries you want to see.


  • Records Per Page – how many tasks will show on the work order Task List at a given time? Enter a number here.

Daily Offline Storage

  •   Download Work Order Agenda – check this to store the work orders scheduled for today for offline mode.
  •   Download Work Order Details – check this box to have the work order details stored on your device. Left unchecked, you won’t be able to see the details field when offline.
  •   Download Customer Media – check this box to download pictures from the customer, even those not associated with this work order. Leave unchecked to exclude pictures from downloading.
  •   Download Customer Notes – checking this box will cause historical notes for a customer to download when one of their work orders downloads. If you don’t want access to historical notes while offline, don’t check the box.
  •   Download Task List – the task list is the checklist of things to accomplish in a work order. No check means you don’t get to see what needs to be done when you are offline.
  •   Download Task Details – tasks can have additional details beyond the basic description. Left unchecked, you won’t see details for tasks on a work order when you lack an internet connection.


  • Records Per Page – how many calendar entries are visible on a single page of the Calendar? You can define that number by entering it here.


Your system administrator defines what parts of iPointTech you can access. These permissions come from the Permissions defined in the main iPoint application found in Settings > Permission Sets.

Permission modifications take effect on the iPointTech App the day after they are changed. So, if you change a technician’s permissions one day, that change will go into effect on the technician’s iPointTech App the following day.

iPointTech Version: 2.1005002
Last modified: 7 Oct 2021

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