Down the Road

Have you ever wondered what our developers are up to next? Have a pending feature request you’re wondering about? Then, check back here to see what those developers are working on and what you may see coming down the road to your iPoint!

Released Summer 2023

  • Tech App Enhancements
    • The Tech App is live in the App Store and can work without internet
    • Within the Tech App you are now able to use Added Parts and Inventory controls!!!
  • iPoint Library Tier 1 ($125/month Add-On)
    • Managed database for Products to keep your pricing up to date
    • You can import from our library right into a Proposal

Released Fall/Winter 2023

Actively Developing

  • Improved Analytics (Add-On starting at $99/month)
    • Web Based Analytics Engine
    • Ability to automatically send reports on a schedule
    • Predefined Dashboards to get you started
    • This is in Internal Testing, bug fixing, and private Beta – estimated to be released Q2 2024
      • We are also working on creating the predefined dashboards – feel free to email any example dashboards you currently use!
  • Native iOS and Android Technician apps
    • We are internally testing this and addressing bugs before we release to Beta Testers
    • Estimated to be released for Beta Testing Q1 2024
  • iPoint Online
    • Enhanced web version of iPoint
    • Goal is to have 95% of users able to use iPoint Online solely for their work
    • iPoint Online will have significant performance increases for users (faster proposals!!!!)
    • Estimated to be released Q1 2024
  • New Cloud Sales CRM
    • 100% in the cloud, no FileMaker needed
      • The existing iPoint CRM will still be used as your project CRM to view Proposals, WO Notes, Invoices, etc.
      • Cloud CRM is for your sales team to work leads and manage sales pipeline
    • Automated Email Logging
    • Individual 2-way google calendar sync
    • Customer Online appointment scheduling
    • Estimated to be beta released Q2 2024
  • More Intuitive Custom Template Builder
    • Re-designed Options page of Custom Templates

Next on our plate

We have a lot of irons in the fire currently and are working hard to finish up the above features as quickly as possible. After these pieces are complete our priorities become simplified and we will focus on 3 main areas:

1) Cloud Development

This is absolutely where we see are future. After Analytics and Cloud CRM, our next priorities are:

  1. Ticketing System
    • Estimating development to begin early 2024
    • This is a feature that has long been requested of iPoint
    • Cloud CRM paves the ground work for the majority of features ticketing needs (i.e. email integration), so we expect the development of Ticketing to go pretty speedily
  2. Cloud Proposals
    • Estimating Development to begin early 2024
    • This is where we plan to handle the bulk of major Proposal Feature Requests
      • Duplicate Locations
      • Flat Dollar Modifiers
      • Unlimited Customizable Modifiers
        • Able to turn on and off modifier per item or CO
        • Set cost and taxability per modifier
        • Have modifier be based on item cost instead of price
      • Revision Comparison Report
      • Enhanced Reporting Options for Optional Items
  3. Cloud Invoicing
    • Estimating Development to begin 2024

2) Enhance iPoint Performance and Simplicity

While big new modules are built in the cloud, we will focus of FileMaker developers on refining iPoint so you continue to have a better experience. We will be:

  • Reviewing our support tickets to tackle repeat issues you all face
  • Reviewing our Feature Request list for the most voted on and requested features to implement
  • Identify our slowest processes and work to increase the speed of them so you have a faster experience
  • Enhancing the Native Apps so they are a simple, fast, and effective tool for your techs to do what they need in the field
  • Review iPoint recommended processes and build them in app so it’s intuitive what next steps are so your team doesn’t have to maintain their own documentation or reach out to iPoint support for help

3) iPoint Library

  • Add and Maintaining items within the Library
  • increasing our direct vendor relationships to improve our data
  • iPoint Library Tier 3 (Add-On)
    • Engineering Data
    • Accessory Management
    • Punch Lists

The iPoint Library has been something we’ve been asked for by many dealers for years. We truly appreciate the founding dealers who helped support the development of it – thank you! We look forward to more and more dealers using the library so we can continue to expand it and meet the needs of the community!

Last modified: 13 Mar 2024

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