Profit By Product ReportProfit By Product Report

The Profit By Product Report breaks down your profit for each item in the proposal.

On the report, you can see:
  • Model: The item name, part number, and description of the item
  • Qty: How many you sold
  • Cost: The cost per item
  • Price: The unit price
  • Margin: The percent margin on the item
  • Profit: Profit per item (the price minus the cost)
  • Extended Cost: This is the item quantity times the cost per item
  • Extended Price: This is item quantity times the unit price
  • Ext Price Modified: This is the extended price plus any modifiers (custom modifiers, global modifiers, discounts, etc.)
  • Extended Profit: This is your profit for the item at quantity (the extended, modified price minus the extended cost).

Profit By Product Report TotalsProfit By Product Report Totals

At the bottom of the report, you’ll see profit totals, as well as the Sales Order Total (or in this case, the total for the proposal) and the Sales Order Labor Hours (this report is used for both proposals and sales orders).

Click the Profit By Product button in the Proposal Reports tab to run the report.

Open the Profit By Product ReportOpen the Profit By Product Report

Options button

Options button
Click the Options button at the top of the Profit By Product Report to open the Report Options popover window. You can sort the report, export the report, jump to another report, and navigate the proposal in the popover.

By default, the report is sorted alphabetically by item name. However, you can choose to sort the report several ways:

  • Manufacturer – groups parts together by the name of the manufacturer. Manufacturer names will be listed in alphabetical order.
  • Location – puts the items together based on the location they’ve been assigned. Items will be listed alphabetically by location.
  • Phase – displays parts together based on the labor phase they were assigned.
  • Phase/Location – sorts first by phase, then by location
  • Item – lists all items alphabetically


  • Toggle SO Total – this will toggle on/off the Sales Order (or proposal) Total at the bottom of the report
  • Toggle Hours – use this to toggle on/off the Labor Hours total at the bottom of the report

Report Options

  • Print Report – this will open the print dialogue on your computer so you can print it to your favorite printer
  • Save as PDF – this will open your computer’s save file dialogue, and then you can pick a location to save the PDF file
  • Email – click this to open your default email application. The PDF will be added as an attachment. Then you can address the email and write a note to whomever you want.
  • Save in Docs – this button saves the Labor Hours Report to the Documents / Assignments tab in Proposal Details.

Go to Report
Jump to a number of different reports by clicking the following buttons:

  • Client Proposal – opens the screen where you can customize the proposal and then send or print it
  • Labor Hours – displays the total hours assigned to this job
  • Profit & Loss – a quick link to the report showing profit margin on items, labor, and the entire job
  • Product List – opens a report showing the items sold on this proposal

Navigate the Proposal

  • Close the Report Options window
  • Details – open the details section of the proposal
  • Designer – go to the Designer for this proposal

Training Video

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Last modified: 27 Jan 2022

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