Custom Template Print OptionsCustom Template Print Options

When a proposal is printed, it can contain a number of pages to provide customers with just the information to make an informed buying decision.

By default, each salesperson can choose what pages they want to include in a proposal package. But you may want to set defaults that everyone uses.

On this page, you can set the default pages to be printed for a specific template (selected from the list of templates on the right side of the window.)

Lock & Prevent User modification: Checking this box will force every user to use the selected pages below. Leaving this check box clear will default these pages on the printout, but will still allow the salesperson to modify pages individually.

There are 15 slots in a proposal/sales order print package. By choosing an option from the drop-down menu of each line, you specify which pages print. This list is a description of the contents of each selection.

  • : At the very top of the dropdown list is a blank space. Use this to clear a setting that was previously chosen.
  • Cover Page: The cover page can include custom graphics and text. To edit the cover page go to: Settings > Custom Templates > Cover Page
  • TOC: The Table of Contents will provide a quick index of the pages you include. It will automatically adjust to match the pages you choose in the order presented in this list.
  • Scope: The scope is the Plain English version of your proposal where you can write a description of the proposal for your customer. The description is entered on the Proposal > Setup (tab) > Scope of Work (tab)
  • Proposal Details: This page presents all of the line items you have specified for your customer and can include pictures, descriptions, pricing options as defined on the proposal options button.
  • Proposal Details with Grand Summary: This is the same page as the Proposal Details above, except that it includes all the pricing totals at the end of the section.
  • Summary by Phase: iPoint will calculate the total labor and parts price for each labor phase and provide a summary price for each.
  • Summary by Location: This summary page shows all the prices of parts and labor by location as defined in the proposal locations section.
  • Summary by Group: Each item can be included in a group (i.e. Audio, Security, Automation, and Control). iPoint prints the total of all parts and labor, broken down by group.
  • Custom Group Summary: Utilizing custom graphics and text, you can present a graphical Summary by Group that provides additional details and information about the groups of equipment. The custom summary details are set up in: Settings > Pop Up Lists > Proposal Groups
  • Grand Totals Summary: This is the same summary that is included in the Proposal Details with Grand Summary page listed above. The difference is that this lists the totals only on a single page.
  • Standard Contract: The contract comes from one of three places; a) Module Settings > Default Contract, b) Custom Templates > Over Rides > Contract Text; c) Module Settings > Add Contracts. The Contract will also display a signature line as well as a payment schedule.
  • Custom Graphic Contract: The Graphics Contract is a specialized contract set up in Settings > Custom Templates > Over Rides > Special
  • Picture Book: You can create a graphical report of the top products in each room by creating a Picture Book.
  • Custom Page 1 – 4: iPoint may not have all the information needed to present to your customer. For example, you might want to include a description of your extended warranty program. Or maybe you want to include information about the security services offered by your company. Custom pages allow you to present the information you need to your customer and are set up in Settings > Custom Templates > Custom Pages
  • Place Holder: This is a blank page that you can use to hold a position in one of the Custom Order slots. Nothing prints when this placeholder is inserted into your print order.
  • Document Builder Pages: On the bottom of the custom order list will appear any of the documents you build in the Document Builder. This makes it possible for your team to create custom pages that can be included in any report.

Various Options

Print with Full Bleed: Checking this box will cause any graphics to be stretched to a full 8 1/2” wide so you can cover the entire page. Be aware that stretching a graphic may distort the image. Also, some printers are not capable of printing all the way to the edge of the page and may cut off the edges of the picture when printed.

Hide the Group Summary Text on Proposal Details: Check this box to hide the Proposal Group text in the Proposal Details section.

Picture BookPicture Book

Picture Book

With the Picture Book, you can create a graphical report of the top products in each room. This feature has three areas you have to set up prior to printing the report.

  1. Settings > Pop Up Lists > Picture Book Class
    This will define order as printed on the report
    Only 5 slots can be used.
  2. Items > Report Setup > Include in Picture Book —or—
  3. Proposal > Designer > click on item > Special
    Anything you check in the special tab is directly affecting the item master record


iPoint Version: 10.0521
Last modified: 25 May 2021

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