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This page represents the features and updates made to iPoint since our last release. While this list isn’t comprehensive, it does list the majority of the changes and upgrades we’ve made to iPoint.

Many of the features have been written about in our manual. And some even have a slick new training video. Click on the associated links to learn more about new and/or updated features.

New Feature: Recurring Invoices You’ll never have to worry about forgetting to send a security monitoring invoice to your customer ever again! Just tell iPoint what you want the invoice to look like, specify how often you want the invoice generated, and iPoint will take care of the rest!
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New Feature: Svc Contracts Do you offer service contracts or extended warranties to your customers? Now you can use iPoint Projects to track the service calls for each individual contract. And with Recurring Invoices, the system can automatically generate an invoice each month.
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New Feature: Item Updates You know how it goes. Your long time distributor just informed you there is a new tarriff on their products. Now you have to go through every product and raise the price 4%. With our new Item Mass Update features, it is easy to change any number of details on a group of items with a few simple clicks.
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New Feature: Enhance Locations Have you ever had a very large proposal with so many locations that they don’t fit in the location picker in Designer? That’s a problem no more with our enhanced Location List. Now it is easy to show 100s of locations in a larger, scrollable interface.
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New Feature: OAuth 2.0 QuickBooks is updating its sync authentication protocol. With this new release, iPoint stays connected with QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Payments using the new OAuth 2.0. And don’t worry, you won’t be assimilated into the Borg Collective.

New Feature: Previous Announcments Every morning when you log on to iPoint, you’ll find a new tip, trick, or user announcement. But how many times have you thought, “Oh, what was that reminder last week about winning the lottery?” Now you can easily browse our library of previous announcements.
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New Feature: iPointTech You’re a tech doing a service call for a remote customer. You are in the boonies with one bar of service and your new customer doesn’t have wi-fi. How will you be able to use iPoint? Our brand new iPointTech answers that question, providing software access with limited internet connection.
Note: This is an early Beta release with limited functionality.
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Here is an almost comprehensive list of all the tweaks, additions, enhancements, embellishments, and add-ons to your shiny new iPoint version 8.11. We’ve separated this list of 65 features by the module to make them easier to find. And don’t worry, this list is gluten and calorie-free!

New Feature
Updated Feature
Bug Squashed
Changes to Mobile iOS

Here are the top features in this release


The Next Install Date field from the sales order is now visible on the proposal, directly under the customer name and address fields.

Added new functionality to choose locations in bulk on the Designer’s Add Product window. We also built a new pop-over window to show multiple locations in a single window, useful for large jobs with lots of locations. [ Read More ]

Enlarged the notes field on PDF Layouts of Client Proposal to accommodate longer notes.

The Condensed Template option, when printing a proposal, now has the numbers aligned on the decimal point rather than centered on the report.

Added the ability to have multiple Custom Data Lists on a proposal. This is designed to help companies with multiple locations or job types that need different lists. [ Read More ]

Increased the available space on a printed proposal to allow quantities of five characters long.

Fixed a bug that printed percentages incorrectly on printed proposals. Payment percentages now show as 30%, not .3%

Added the ability to copy a customer’s Primary Address into the Job Site Address when editing details on the Customer Name field. [ Read More ]

Sales Orders

Fixed an error that miscalculated retention when adding items to an existing invoice.

Added a Discontinued notice to the Product Manager when you select a part that has been discontinued. [ Read More ]

Added the ability to sort the Printable Product Manager report by Labor Phase.

Open a Sales Order and click on the Designer button. Now click on a product name to open the Options pop-over and look at the Notes tab. If a task has been created for the part, you will now see a Task Description, displaying the current description for your technicians. If the field is edited by anyone in the system (on the project, work order, wherever), you will see it here. Oh, and you can edit the description here, too.

On the Project tab > Task Options > Custom Task Creation, there is a new option to Hide ‘Other Charge’ Items. This is to assist you in creating tasks for items only and not include Other Charge items.

When printing Tracking Labels in Product Manager > Options on an 8 1/2 × 11 sheet of labels, the labels will be printed in alphabetical order, first by the manufacturer and then by item name.

When you hover over the technician’s initials on the Project Time Pop-Over, you can now see the technician’s full name. [ Read More ]

Added a salesperson filter to the Printable Product Manager report (aka Stock Summary Report in the Reports module). [ Read More ]

You can now change the name, description, or image of a miscellaneous item used as a placeholder on a sales order. That updated information will appear on Sales Order documents, the Purchase Request Manager, and Purchase Orders. [ Read More ]


Added the ability to filter the projects list by class. [ Read More ]

Work Orders

Archiving a work order now stops any pending notifications from being sent out for that work order, including customer notifications and technician late notices. [ Read More ]

Enhanced the Work Order Report by adding a number of Hide Options to hide specific details you want to exclude from the report.

You can now highlight the Work Order name making it available to copy so that you can paste the copied text into an email for communication with your customers.

If you right-click on a custom field, you can paste text into the field, even if it isn’t one of the dropdown options.


You can now create a Recurring invoice. This is useful for monthly security monitoring billing or quarterly service contract billing. [ Read More ]

Increased the payment description field size on the Sales Order Summary report to accommodate longer payment descriptions.

The automated email for credit card processing now includes the Credit Card address.


Added the ability to search for items that have or have not been used in the past XX days. [ Read More ]

The Stock by Location information on an item’s Stock tab is hidden if there are two items open at the same time because iPoint is only capable of showing one at a time. To redisplay the Stock by Location detail on an item, click the new Refresh Stock Tab button. [ Read More ]

Added a clear field button to the Punch List and Default Proposal Group fields to simplify clearing previously populated list options. [ Read More ]

Added a Bulk Edit function to quickly change a number of items at the same time. [ Read More ]

Individual items hidden on the Product Manager and Product List are now also excluded from the Product List Report. [ Read More ]

Archived locations will no longer appear in the Item Stock tab unless there is still inventory available in that location. [ Read More ]


Added a new Items in Specific Location report – useful for companies with multiple warehouses to see the product in a single location or vehicle. [ Read More ]

Added the ability to sort the Stock Asset Value Report by Month/Year. This makes it possible to see the product that went in and out during a particular month. [ Read More ]

The Stock Levels By Location report has a new option that shows each transaction for a part, both in and out of each location. Running this report for a particular date range will make it easier to see what has been moved in iPoint and compare that to what actually happened in the warehouses and vans. [ Read More ]

Purchase Orders

If your items have a default location assigned to them, receiving on a PO is even easier with our new receiving process. iPoint will receive items to their default location unless you override the location on the PO itself. You no longer have to define every item individually. [ Read More ]

Printed Purchase Orders now display backorder information for each item that has been back-ordered.


The RMA list can now be sorted by Site or by the name of the Project Manager or who is _Assigned To” the RMA. [ Read More ]


Permission Sets

The new Edit Tags List is available to grant permission for users to modify customer Tags on the CRM customer interface. [ Read More ]

Pop Up Lists

Now you can define what Types are associated with specific item Categories. [ Read More ]

Notification Builder

The Sales Order Number has been added to the Product Request notification.

Labor Phases

A labor phase can now be marked as Omit from SO Time Calcs. Checking this box will not include that labor phase in the calculation of time spent on a sales order.


QuickBooks is changing its authentication protocol for syncing with QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Payments. This update makes sure iPoint will continue to sync. [ Read More ]

Custom Templates

Added the ability to change the indent space for text printed on the Group and Sub Summary divider images. [ Read More ]

Added the ability to use custom fonts on the Group and Sub Summary images. [ Read More ]

The page numbers on a proposal can now be displayed as Page 1 of 8 instead of just Page 1. [ Read More ]

You now have the ability to customize the titles on the Payment Schedule for a particular Custom Template. [ Read More ]

A custom template can now automatically calculate a payment schedule based solely on parts and labor. [ Read More ]

There are now several options to highlight optional items on a proposal, including an Optional Header, Quantity Prefix, and Optional Font Colors. [ Read More ]

A new option has been added to the Cover Page settings, which will automatically hide a full-page image on the cover page if the proposal has a custom image of its own. [ Read More ]

Document Builder

Added a number of new merge fields to the Document Builder [ Read More ]

The Change Order Description is now available as a merge field to add to a custom template and document builder elements. [ Read More ]

Module Settings

Individual users can now create customer tags on the fly with the addition of the new Enable Adding Tags from Customer Interface option. [ Read More ]

Added the ability to default all new items to track Use Tax. [ Read More ]

A new checkbox Default New Proposals with use Tax Enabled defaults every new proposal to track use tax. [ Read More ]

Added the ability to disable auto-updates on all linked work orders when a single work order is modified. [ Read More ]

Added a setting to restrict customer notifications to once per work order. This was added to keep customers from getting a second notification of the work order that was changed (like a new technician assigned.) [ Read More ]

Added the Ship-To Name on the Inventory Location to help facilitate more accurate PO generation. [ Read More ]

Added a few new merge field options to the Item Labels in Settings > Module Settings > Items [ Read More ]

Added the ability to custome the PO title and create Defaul Printed Notes to be included on each Purchase Order [ Read More ]

Added the ability to display the ‘Site’ address in the CRM list instead of the ‘Primary’ address. This affects both Customer and Contact lists. [ Read More ]


Intuit has updated the authorization protocol that makes it possible for iPoint to talk with QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Payments. So, we’ve adjusted iPoint to match. [ Read More ]

iPoint Support

University has been completely revamped with all new courses and classes. [ Read More ]

A new Announcements library has been created so you can review past login notifications. [ Read More ]


The Change Order report now has the ability to filter by internal change orders.

Added Location and Group to the Add Parts report. [ Read More ]

The Commission Combined Report now has the ability to update the report based on actively displayed commissions or all active sales orders and invoices in the system. [ Read More ]

The Commission Combined Report now shows sub-totals for each individual on the report as well as the totals on the bottom of the page.

Adjusted the commission report so that sales orders and customer information have more space for displaying large names.

Time Clock

Added a log to track the entry and modification of all time entries. [ Read More ]


Fixed a bug that would clear your calendar resource settings after leaving the calendar module. Now when you select your resources to be viewed, those options should stick every time you log in until you change them intentionally.

iPoint Version: 8.11
Last modified: 16 Jun 2021

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