Progress Billing Paid ReportProgress Billing Paid Report

The Progress Billing Report provides information about when various progress billing invoices were paid. The report is based on the dates that payments were paid against progress billing invoices.

  • Description is the Sales Order Number followed by the Customer Name and Job Name. On the invoice lines, the description is the payment description entered on the sales order billing tab
  • % shows the percentage of the total job that the individual invoice represents
  • Amount is the amount of the particular invoice as defined on the sales order billing tab
  • Invoiced is the actual dollar amount that was invoiced. This may vary from the Amount depending on how the payment schedule or invoice was manually adjusted.
  • Due is the date that a particular invoice is due as defined on the sales order billing tab
  • Date Invoiced is the date of the actual invoice as defined on the invoice itself.
  • Date Paid is the date that payment was received as defined by the date on the payment. A date will be displayed even if the invoice was not paid in full
  • Days Since Last Payment is the amount of time between the previous payment and this payment for a particular sales order. This can be used to help you see trends as to when you can expect the next payment.
    • For example, if progress payment #1 was paid on January 1 and progress payment #2 was paid on January 17, you’ll see that it was 16 days since the previous payment.
    • Progress payment #1 will always be blank.
  • Days Since Proposal Created lets you know how old the job is. This date is taken from the creation date of the Proposal not the conversion from proposal to sales order.

Clicking on any invoice line provides a pop-up window with additional invoice details:

  • Sales Staff name
  • Technical Designer name
  • Project Manager name
  • The date of the Next Install
  • Sales Order Status
  • The Class assigned to the sales order
  • The Type of sales order
  • Date the sales order was created
  • Archived checkbox indicates that sales order is archived
  • View Sales Order button Click this button to open the actual Sales Order in a new window

Progress Billing Paid OptionsProgress Billing Paid Options

Report Options

Options button
Clicking the Options button opens a pop-up window with a number of filters and options separated into three sections.

Once you have set the various filter and summary options, click the Update Report button at the bottom of the pop-over window to display the desired results.

Billing Filters

  • Billing Due Date – set the From and To dates to restrict the report to a specific date range.
  • Past Due Filter – Show Only displays the invoices that are past the due date assigned to the invoice. Don’t Show causes invoices that are current, based on the terms of the invoice. Show All displays every invoice, regardless of the due date.
  • Invoiced Filter – Show Only displays invoices that have already been created. Don’t Show hides invoices that have been created. Show All will show all invoices.

Sales Order Filters

  • Sales Order Date – specify a date range From and To
  • Sales Order Person – specify payments required on jobs associated with a specific sales staff member
  • Sales Order Technical Designer – specify payments required on jobs associated with a specific technical designer
  • Sales Order Project Manager – specify payments required on jobs associated with a specific project manager
  • Sales Order Status – specify sales orders with a particular status on the Info tab
  • Sales Order Filter Class – specify payments required when a sales order has a specific class
  • Sales Order Type – specify payments from sales orders of a certain type
  • Include Archived Sales Orders – Show Only only shows archived sales orders. Don’t Show hides archived sales orders. Show All will show all sales orders regardless of archived status.
  • Next Install Date After – shows progress billings that are due after a specified Next Install date
  • Next Install Date Before – shows progress billings that are due prior a specified Next Install date

Print and Sort

Standard Print, Save, Email, and View PDF options are available.

Date Due – groups progress invoices together by the due date
Customer – group payment request by the customer
Sales Rep – group payment request by the salesperson
Billing Status – shows the invoices grouped together by the status of the bill

iPoint Version: 10.0129
Last modified: 2 Feb 2021

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