Commissions Payment ReportCommission Payments Report

The Commission Payments Report provides a summary of the commission due to your employees. The details of this report are based on:

When you click on the Commission Payments report link on the report list, you are presented with several filter options that you can set before opening the report. These options are defined in the Options section below.

The available information includes:

  • Commission button Commission Details icon – clicking this button opens the Commission Details window.
  • Document # – the sales order or invoice number where the commission was applied
  • Customer and Project Name – the name of the customer and the associated sales order or project
  • Date Paid – if a commission payment has been made, the date of the payment is displayed
  • Check Number – the number of the check entered when a commission payment is made
  • Check Comment – a description of the payment. The explanation might be generated by the system or entered by the check processor.
  • Amount – how much commission was paid

Click on either the Commission Details icon or the customer/document details to open the Commission Details window.

Commission Payment optionsCommission Payment options

Use the Options button to refine the details included in the report and how to generate the report.

  • Payment From Date – choose a date to show payments made on or after that date
  • Payment To Date – enter a date to display payments made on or after the date entered
  • Paid To – select the name of a user to show only their commission payments
  • Include only Payments from – decide what type of commissions are displayed
    • Invoice – commissions from projects or standalone sales (e.g., Point of Sale) are calculated on an invoice
    • Sales Order – a commission from the sales process (proposals and sales orders) are displayed on sales orders
    • Leaving this field blank will show both invoice and sales order commissions
  • Sort/Summarize By – place a checkmark in the box to force the report to group commission payments by:
    • Payee – the user-defined as receiving the commission – Payee is selected by default when you first run the report.
    • Month/Date – the date that someone made the payments
    • Check Number – the check number as entered on the Commission Details window
    • Paid on Doc Type – separate invoice and sales order payments on the report
    • Note: You can select up to three options. The system will sort the records on the report in the order you select the checkboxes.

Standard print and view options are also available

  • Print – print the report using your computer’s print dialogue
  • Save – save a PDF of your report to your computer’s hard drive
  • Email – attach a PDF of the report to your default email program
  • View PDF – open the report for viewing on-screen

Update Report button
After defining report options, choose the Update Report button to close the options and see the report with your new filter and sort criteria.


Exporting the Mix Analysis report into a spreadsheet program is simple, using the instructions available here: Dashboard > Exporting.

Here is a list of the useable export field names, along with a description

  • c_ReportDisplay – the sales document number and Customer/Job Name.
  • c_ReportDisplay_Full – another iteration of the sales document number and Customer/Job Name.
  • payAmount – the amount paid to date
  • payCkNumReference – the check number
  • payComment – the comment entered on the payment
  • payDate – the date of the payment
  • SD_CompanyInfo::LOGO – this is the field container that holds your company logo. iPoint can’t export images to Excel, so this is a useless field for your export.

Note: any field that starts with an s_ is a summary field and is not useful when exporting to Excel. Additionally, the Sort fields help iPoint organize the PDF report and will not be helpful in an Excel report.

iPoint Version: 10.0916
Last modified: 20 Sep 2021

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