New Speed Boost FeaturesNew Speed Boost Features

We have rewritten the way iPoint ads items to the designer in both Proposals and Sales Orders. This new process cuts the wait time to add new parts by 50% or more. Previously, adding a part with several accessories to multiple rooms could take 20 – 30 seconds. Speed Boost can reduce that time to 10 – 15 seconds or less!

You will notice we no longer dim the add parts window during the add, but instead, there will be a small icon on the right side of the Add & Refresh button that appears while the products are being added.

The next change is we will prompt you to disable the “go to last” record if you have it enabled. Going to the last record requires a full redraw, sort, and record load, which adds almost 2 seconds to each add. Instead, there is now a button to Go To Last Add. This button will jump you to the last added item, and you can use this button as often as needed.

The primary speed boost comes from a change in how we build the calculations for each item added. Previously ALL calculations were generated in real-time as the design items were added. This resulted in about 1 full second for each line item that was added. We have changed this now to only set the minimal data required to display the record in the design while you wait. This results in about 4 line items added per second average. This is a 4X speed boost when adding multiple items in the Add & Refresh. The next change you may notice is that the wait will be over, and the line items will appear, but the numbers will continue to change on the proposal totals. This is the result of the calculations now being generated in the background while you continue to work. Note that the more items you add at a time, the more noticeable the change will be. When adding a single item, the new change will not be noticeable. However, removing the dimming and not jumping to the last added item will greatly speed up adding a single item.

There has also been a change to the way Quick Add behaves.

Now, when you Add Products on the designer in either the proposal or sales order (for change orders), you will notice a couple of changes to the way you used to Quick Add products to the design.

  • Select products like you used to, using the filters, wild card search, or entering the part number.
  • Click the green Quick Add button, and you can almost immediately add another part to the list.

The new feature is that iPoint queues up the quick add and starts running the script to add the parts. You’ll now see a blue line of text under the accessories window showing how much time has elapsed as the parts are added to the design. Additionally, if you have multiple quick adds in process, the blue line of text will display how many scripts are waiting to be run. You can continue adding parts that add scripts to the queue but won’t keep you from adding parts to the design.

Time Out

If an error occurs or the scripts being run stalls for more than 5 minutes, iPoint will display an error letting you know that there was a problem. Please contact iPoint Support if you get that error.

Additionally, if you try to leave the designer before all scripts being run, iPoint will display a warning letting you know that the design doesn’t currently have all the parts added as anticipated.

  • You can Ignore the warning and move on. Just be aware that you will not be able to print a proposal or change order until all scripts have been completed. This is by design to ensure that your customer sees the full design. This feature is designed especially for speed demon designers who can work faster than the computer!
  • Click the OK button to close the warning but remain on the designer until all parts have been added.
Last modified: 22 Jun 2021

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