Picture BookPicture Book

The Picture Book is a unique report that displays the items you are going to sell your client in picture format. The report is broken out by location with up to five items per location.

When printing a customer proposal or contracted sales order report you can choose Picture Book as one of the elements of your printed document.


To use the Picture Book requires three setup steps.

  1. Make sure your Items have a picture
  2. Create Picture Book Class: done in Settings > Pop Up Lists > Picture Book Class
  3. Map your items to the Picture Book Classes set up in step 1. There are two ways to map your items.
  • Set the default Picture Book Class: Go to Items Module > select an item > Report Setup (tab). Place a checkmark in the Include in Picture Book and select a Picture Book Class in the Picture Book Class ( Sort Order ) dropdown.
  • When building a proposal, you can modify items on the fly Go to Proposal > Designer (button) > click on the item pop-over > Special (tab). Place a checkmark in the Include in Picture Book checkbox and select a Picture Book Class from the drop-down. (Note: Unlike other areas of the item details popover, the Special tab is directly modifying the master record in real time. Any changes here will affect how this item is used in the future.)

Note: The Picture Book will follow the settings for each proposal. So if you hide the model and manufacturer in the proposal options, they will be hidden here in the picture book as well.


Picture Book SettingsPicture Book Settings


There are a few settings available to customize the cover page of your Picture Book.

First, you will find two image fields. These fields display what the cover page picture will look like when you print the Picture Book.

  • 11 × 17 cover page Image
  • 8.5 × 11 Cover Page Image

Edit Location button
These images are added by clicking the Edit at the top of the screen to open the Edit Window.
On the edit window, you will see 6 tabs where

  • 17 × 11 Image – right-click in this field to add an 11×17 graphic image as the background to the large cover page
  • 17 × 11 Text – place your cursor on the text field and type the information you want to be displayed on the large cover page. There are a number of data merge hooks available at the top to pull in proposal-specific information onto the field. Place your cursor where you want the text to appear and click the appropriate button.
  • 17 × 11 Combined – this tab lets you see what the combination of text and image will look like.
  • 8.5 × 11 Image – hmm… this works just like that larger cover page image except that it is for a standard paper size.
  • 8.5 × 11 Text – which means I be you know what this field is for. Yup, same merge hook buttons, and text typing process.
  • 8.5 × 11 Combined – and this is where you’ll preview the combination of the text and image for the smaller cover page.

Note: The text on each of the text tabs is fully customizable using the Format menu at the top of the FileMaker screen. You can change Font, Size, Style, Alignment, and Color just like you would in a word processing document.

Once you are done customizing, click the Close this Edit Button to return to the Picture Book settings tab

  Only show 1 big picture for items – By default, the Picture Book will show a picture for each item on a proposal. If you have 2 speakers in the living room, for example, the picture book will show 2 speaker images. Checking this box will only display 1 image, even though there are two sold on a given line.

Proposal Print Options: Picture BookProposal Print Options: Picture Book


To include the picture book in your proposal,

  • Open the Client Proposal (from Proposal > Designer (button) > Options (tab) > Client Proposal button or Proposal > Reports (tab) > Client Proposal button )
  • Click the blue Options button
  • Select one of the Export Reports options (View PDF, Save PDF, Email, etc)
  • Choose the Picture Book as one of the package items for your proposal
  • Click Continue to generate the proposal – one of your pages will be the Picture Book

To generate a stand-alone Picture Book,

  • Open the Proposal > Reports (tab)
  • Click the Picture Book button

Training Video

iPoint Version: 10.0409
Last modified: 13 Apr 2021

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