notes sectionNotes Section (with default Show List View)
In the Notes section, you can view a list of any notes added to this customer, as well as any notes added to the customer’s work orders or projects.

View the Notes List

For each note in the list, you can see:

  • Note type
  • Contents of the note
  • WO: Work order information (if the note was added to a work order)
    • Work order reference id
    • Tech name
    • Project name
    • Sales rep name
    • Project manager name
  • By: Name of the person who added the note and when it was added

The default note view is List View. Click the Show Details button at the top to show additional note details in the Details View, including whether this note has been designated as Internal. Internal notes are marked Internal to the left of the Subject/Type (internal notes do not show up on any client-facing reports). Click the Show List button to return to the default view.

show detailsShow Details View

Search for a Note

To search for a specific note:

1. Input a particular word or name in the search bar
2. Hit the enter key or click the Filter button to search
3. Click the red “X” to clear the search

Edit a Note

Notes can only be edited from the default List View. To edit a note (if you have the appropriate permissions):

edit a noteEdit a Note
  1. Click the Show List button (if necessary)
  2. Click on a note to view more details or to edit it.
  3. Edit the note subject by choosing a different subject from the Subject/Type dropdown list or by clicking in the field and typing in a subject manually (if desired)
  4. Edit the text of the note in the large Subject field (if desired)
  5. Tick the Internal checkbox to designate this note as internal (or untick to remove the designation)
  6. Click the Save button to save and close
  7. Click the Cancel button to cancel any changes
  8. Click the Delete button to delete the note if you have the appropriate permissions

Create a New Note

add a new noteAdd a new note
To create a new note:
  1. Click the New Note button
  2. Choose a Subject/Type from the dropdown list or click in the field and type in a subject manually
  3. Input the text for the note in the Subject field
  4. Designate this note as an internal note, if desired, by ticking the Internal checkbox
  5. Click the Save button to save and close

View/Print a Note Report

To view a printable list of notes:

customer notes reportCustomer Notes Report

  1. Click the Note Report button
  2. In the Customer Notes Report that opens, scroll to view each note (only one note will show on the screen at a time)

Open a PDF of the Notes Report to see all of the notes together:

  1. Click the Options button
  2. Click the View PDF button

To sort or filter the Notes Report:

  1. Click the Options button at the top of the Notes Report
  2. Choose from the following search/sort criteria:
    1. Note From Date: Choose a start for your search’s date range
      note reports optionCustomer Notes Report Options
    2. Note To Date: Choose an end for your search’s date range
    3. Customer: Search for notes for a particular customer
    4. Project: Search for notes tied to a project name
    5. Work Order: Search for notes tied to a particular work order
    6. Summarize By: Choose to group the results by the customer and/or work order
    7. Print: Print the report
    8. Save: Save a PDF of the report
    9. View PDF: View the PDF of the report
    10. Hide Persistent WO Notes checkbox: Tick this checkbox to hide persistent work order notes. Persistent WO notes are notes attached to persistent work orders. A persistent WO is one whose start date rollovers at midnight every day to the next day
  3. Click the Update Report button
  4. Scroll through the Note Report to see the results (if you like)
  5. Click the Options button to view or print a concise, easy-to-read report:
    1. Print: Click the Print button to print a PDF of the note report results
    2. Save: Click the Save a PDF button to save a PDF of the note report
    3. View PDF: Click the View a PDF button to open a PDF of the note report

%(color-red)Note: %The Notes report will include all note from sub-jobs if you run it from the Customer > Notes screen. If you run the same report from the Reports module and then put in a Customer as a filter it will only find notes added directly to the customer and will not include notes from sub-jobs of the customer.

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Last modified: 31 May 2019

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