Now that your team has watched their training videos, it is time to start using iPoint!

Just like a job progresses through various parts of your company, the Wizard is going to track various parts of the iPoint process separately.

  1. We’re going to make sure your team knows how to do the sales and service processes.
  2. We’ll make sure staff members are doing the purchasing and invoicing steps.
  3. You’ll look at the overall company goals.

Keep in mind that each of these phases is using the goals you set back in the Setup part of the Wizard. However, we are only looking for you to complete half of the goals you set. This is because we know it takes a while for people to implement new-found knowledge. The goal numbers will increase as time passes because remember you are looking for a specific quantity to be entered every week. So if you have been in the Learn 1 phase for 3 weeks, your goal will be 3 times the goal you set.

If you, as a system administrator, want to modify any of these goals, you can do that simply by clicking on the individual goal to change the numbers.

Wizard Learn 1Wizard Learn 1


OK, let’s look at the goals you are trying to achieve:

  • Users Logged In – this number is based on the number of your users who have logged in during the past 7 days compared to the number of licenses you have purchased. Our goal is to have 80% of your team logging in each week.
  • Proposals – these are the quotes your team is sending to customers for prospective work. We’re looking for active proposals, not those that have been archived.
  • Sales Orders – this is the number of active sales jobs in your system.
  • SO Projects – a project is the labor part of the sales order so this is the number of your sales jobs that have work scheduled.
  • Standalone Projects – typically these are service projects. So how many service jobs are you creating each week
  • Work Orders – this represents the work assigned to your technicians.

If you have met your goal for a particular metric, you’ll see DONE.
Metrics that haven’t met the goal you set will display Not Yet.
And if there is a metric you marked to ignore earlier in the Wizard you’ll see the Ignore icon.
Finally, if you decide now to ignore a specific metric, you can place a check in the Ignore checkbox for that goal.


Once your Progress matches your Goal you’ll be able to advance to the next stage of learning by clicking the Let’s Learn More! button.

iPoint Version: 9.0330
Last modified: 9 Jun 2021

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