Media SectionMedia Section

The Media section of the CRM is where you view a list of media files added to this customer’s record or any of the customer’s work orders or projects. The Media section is where iPoint automatically saves any photos taken by technicians in the field from their mobile devices.

For each media item listed, you can see:

  • Title – the name given to the media image
  • Description – A description of the media item
  • File Name – the name of the physical file
  • By – Name of the person who added the media and the time stamp when it was added
  • WO – Work order information (if this media was added to a work order)
  • Task – the name of the task associated with the media file
  • Location – if the file was tied to a specific customer location, that will be listed here
  • Phase – the labor phase associated with the media file

Over time, this list will fill up with images and media files. To simplify the search for a specific file, enter text in the Filter field at the top of the media list. The list of media will be reduced to items matching the search string you entered.
Click the red X to clear the search string.

edit media detailsEdit media details (or add details for new media)

Edit Details – click on the pencil icon to open a pop-up window where you can edit the details described above.

Edit Media

Click on the edit icon (pencil and pad) to the right of the media item to edit it (if you have the appropriate permissions) in the Details popup window:
  • Title – Edit the title of the media
  • Project – Edit the name of the project related to this media item
  • Work Order – Edit the name of the work order related to this media
  • Task – Edit information about a related task
  • Location – Edit the location
  • Description – Edit the description for this media file


media options menuMedia Options Menu

View Media Options

Click on the image of a media item to see a list of available options:

  • View – view a large preview of the media file on your screen
  • Replace – replace this media file with another; all of the file description information will remain the same
  • Copy – copy the media item to paste it in another location
  • Export – download the media item to a directory on your computer
  • Draw – draw shapes, lines, arrows, and input text on an image with the draw feature. Note: This only works on images, not PDFs files. Drawing is a legacy feature that is no longer supported.
  • Delete – delete the media item if you have the appropriate permissions


Add New Media

There are three ways to add media files to the CRM Media section.

  • Click the plus button in front of the Media menu item in the left navigation bar
  • New Media button Click the green New Media button

Both of these buttons function the same way:

  1. Click the button to open your computer’s search window
  2. Navigate to the image on your computer or network
  3. Click Open and the file is imported
  4. Click the Edit Pencil icon to add details to the media file
  • Bulk Import button The Bulk Import button works similarly, except that you will navigate to a folder on your computer and import the contents of that folder.
  1. Ensure that all the photos you want to upload are stored in the same folder/directory on your computer
  2. Click the Bulk Edit button to open your computer’s search window
  3. Navigate to the folder that holds your images
  4. Click OK
  5. After the media has been imported, click the Edit Pencil icon to adjust the details of each file
iPoint Version: 9.0722
Last modified: 23 Jul 2020

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