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You may want to present information on your customers’ proposals that is not set up in iPoint. For example, you might want to describe your Extended Service Warranty. Maybe you’d like to include a security contract for customers who are considering a monitoring agreement with your company. Custom Pages gives you the ability to add additional pages covering those particular items.

There are four custom pages available on each custom template. First, select the Legacy Page # tab corresponding to the custom page you want to create.

Each custom page comprises two layers, an image layer and a text layer, which you can use together or independently.


  • Right-click inside the box to display an import pop-over.
  • Choose “Insert Picture” to open a search dialog box to help you locate the image you want to insert.


  • Click on the text box and type the verbiage you want to display on your custom page. You are limited to one 8 1/2 × 11-inch page to present your text.
  • Formatting options are available in the FileMaker Format menu at the top of the screen. Here you can select different fonts, sizes, styles, colors, and justification, similar to the function in your word processing software.
  • You can include information from your customer or sales order in the text by inserting Merge Text. Just to the right of the text box is a dropdown list with numerous data points available. Select a text hook, then place your cursor on the text box where the desired merge text should appear. Next, click the grey Insert button.
  • For a complete explanation of the merge fields, view Settings > Custom Templates > Cover Page > Main Text


Clicking on the Combined tab of any custom page will simultaneously display both the image and text layers to preview the printed page.

Enter the title for the custom page in the field directly above the preview. This name is the text that will be displayed in the Table of Contents when printed.

iPoint Version: 9.0722
Last modified: 25 Oct 2021

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