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This page represents the features and updates made to iPoint since our last release. While this list isn’t comprehensive, it does list the majority of the changes and upgrades we’ve made to iPoint. These features are all current as of Version 9.052.

Many of the features have been written about in our manual. The “Read More” link takes you to the manual page for all the documented details while the “Watch Video” link opens iPoint University where you can see the training video. Note: You must be logged in to iPoint for the University videos to work.

New Feature: Recurring Invoices You’ve got iPoint automatically generating 516 invoices for quarterly security monitoring. But how do you send all those invoices out? Check out the new Bulk Send option available.
[ Read More ] [ Watch the Video ]

New Feature: Designer Speed Boost In our ongoing effort to increase speed in iPoint, we have found a way to reduce the time it takes to add parts to the designer in proposals and sales orders. Some people have reported the time cut by a third!
[ Read More ]

New Feature: Credit Card You love the ability to send credit card payment links to your customers, but you don’t want them using ACH payments? We’ve got new settings to help you define what types of online payments you accept and how much money you accept per type. [ Read More ]
We’ve also added a new Credit Card Processor (TransNational) that is pretty cheap and we recommend you check them out. [ Read More ]

New Feature: Accessories on Invoices Did you just sell a TV that has a bunch of accessories to a Point-of-Sale customer? We’ve just simplified the process by automatically adding accessories to an invoice so you don’t have to manually add each one.
[ Read More ]

New Feature: More Bulk Edit Options Margin and Markup – Adjusting prices for all those new tariffs got you down? iPoint is here to help! The Item bulk edit feature has been enhanced with the ability to update Margin and Markup.
[ Read More ]

New Feature: Customize Headers Don’t you wish you could show customers both the created and printed dates on an invoice? Well, now you can customize the header details for both Purchase Orders and Invoices to the fields you want.
[ Read More for POs ] [ Read More for Invoices ]

New Feature: Prevailing Wage if you do any work for the government, you are familiar with Prevailing Wage. Now you can mark a Project so when you push time to QuickBooks, it will calculate prevailing wages.
[ Read More ]

New Feature
Updated Feature
Bug Squashed
Changes to Mobile iOS

Navigation Dashboard

All customer fields now have the ability to search for a customer using a wildcard search [ Read More ]

We are constantly working to increase speed when using iPoint. Our latest trick is a new optimization of the startup script. What this means is that iPoint should load a bit faster for you. You’ll also see a speed increase when going back to the dashboard of iPoint.


You can now delete the values of items’ location, group, labor phase, labor time, or head end using the Bulk Options in Designer. [ Read More ]

Added lines above the totals on a proposal to help distinguish a total amount from the line item amounts.

We have sped up the process to add parts to the designer. [ Read More ]

The Tax Code has been added to Proposals under the Tax Rate. This will allow you to mark jobs as non-taxable.

Fixed a bug where the proposal font adjustment did not affect the Table of Contents fonts. Now the font adjustment correctly formats the Table of Contents, too.

Added the ability to bulk adjust the No Discount option on the designer. [ Read More ]

Added the archive checkbox to the Proposal Options button [ Read More ]

Sales Orders

Adjusted the sales rep signature on the printed Change Order to respect the sales representative change when using Change Order Commissions. [ Read More ]

We added a new Change Order Filter to the Sales Order Designer. You can now filter for committed or not committed change orders. [ Read More ]


When viewing the work order list on a project, hovering over the work order now displays the Work Order general description.

Added the ability to track time for Prevailing Wage jobs. [ Read More ]

We’ve added more fields of information available when creating the Work Order Description [ Read More ]

Work Orders

Added the Sales Order reference to the mobile Work Order [ Read More ]

The Wild Card search in Work Orders now includes Zip Codes in the search results.

Updated the printed work order sort like the screen version. Also made some tweaks to printing for parent and accessory items.

The ETC or Estimated Time to Complete all tasks is now displayed on the Mobile Work Order [ Read More ]



When you add an item with accessories or a package item, you will now be prompted to add those accessories to the invoice as well. Previously, you had to manually add accessories to a standalone invoice.

Added a filter to show only invoices that are marked “Do Not Sync to QB”.


The Available Credit displayed on the list of invoices now reflects both credit memos and any unapplied payments the customer has made.


Added Markup and Margin fields to the Bulk Edit feature. [ Read More ]

Added Price Sheet Date as a column option to the item import tool. [ Read More ]


When selecting parts on the Purchase Request Manager, only parts selected by the user will appear on the PO they are creating. Previously, any parts selected by any user were added to the PO.

The Quantity Requested on the PRM has been adjusted to reflect the Quantity Required minus the Quantity Delivered.

Now you can filter the PRM to display only products that are available in inventory and not available in inventory. [ Read More ]

FIxed a bug on the Inventory Asset Value report that was not showing the part number.

Purchase Orders

You can now copy an item number from a PO line so the number can be pasted into a vendor’s web portal for ordering. [ Read More ]

Purchase Orders can be sorted by Location or Site if your company utilizes multiple sites [ Read More ]



With the updated User Wizard, we moved the purchase new User Key button. It has been restored. [ Read More ]

Permission Sets

Added new permissions for the Subscription List, available on both the Customer record in CRM and on the Subscription list on an iOS work order. [ Read More ]

Added the Commission Payments report to the Reports Limited Access setting. [ Read More ]

Document Builder

A new merge field {Line Item} is now available to list the line items on a proposal [ Read More ]

Added the ability to include a progress payment due date on the default contract. [ Read More ]

Module Settings

Added an option where you can require users to clock in before using the designer on a proposal. [ Read More ]

When syncing invoices to QuickBooks Online, a change in their software has caused the line item rate to be blank. We created a new setting that forces the rate to sync to QBO. You should only need this option if you are printing invoices out of QuickBooks Online. [ Read More ]

Added the ability to customize the header details of both Invoices and Purchase Orders [ POs Read Here ] [ Invoices Read Here ]

When using sheet labels, Display Labels can now be printed on 1×4 or 2×4 inch label stock. [ Read More ]

Added a feature to restrict RFP-Liability invoices from being pushed to QuickBooks unless a payment is applied. [ Read More ]

Added an option to remove any formatting on an item description. [ Read More ]

When designing the Product Customer Tracking Labels, you can now include the name of the related customer from the sales order [ Read More ]

Added Customer Name to the hooks available in the PO default email [ Read More ]

The following Beta options have graduated to full features and have been turned on for all Community Members.
Work Order Cust Notices Ready
Enable Morning Coffee Module
Enable New Contacts Options / Saved Filters View
Advanced Commission Tracking
Credit Card Processing

These Beta settings have also graduated to part of the standard iPoint program! But you have the option to use them or not.
QBO Push Rate on Invoice – Moved to Settings > QuickBooks > Invoices
Enable iPhone CRM Views – Moved to Settings > Module Settings > CRM
Constrain Contacts List to first 100 – Moved to Settings > Module Settings > CRM
Only SHow Related Contacts for Specified Customer/Job – Moved to Settings > Module Settings > Projects
Use compact view for Related Contacts – Moved to Moved to Settings > Module Settings > Projects
Use Invoice ‘Class’ for each line item on an invoice when posting to QuickBooks – Moved to Settings > QuickBooks > Invoices
Electronic Signature Proposals and Change Orders – Moved to Settings > Module Settings > Proposals > Options
AIA Billing – Moved to Settings > Module Settings > Proposals > Accounting
Invoice Gift Cards – Moved to Settings > Module Settings > Invoices
Use Marketing/WO SMTP Settings for ESig/CCP Requests – Moved to Settings > Module Settings > Proposals > Email > HTML Email


The Items Allocated report is now sorted by the customer name first, and then invoice number.


Fixed a bug that caused new users added to a calendar group in settings to be excluded from the listed individuals in the calendar group on the calendar itself.

Last modified: 26 Mar 2021

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