Email Signature PortalEmail Signature Portal

The Email Signature Portal Link is the last stop before sending a proposal or change order to a customer for their approval and signature.

Access to this portal is available:

  • Proposal > Docs / Assignments (tab) > E-Signature Options (button) > Email Link (button)
  • Proposal > Reports > Client Proposal > Options (button) > Export (tab) > Save and Email Link (button)
  • Proposal > Designer > Options (button) > Client Proposal (button) > Options (button) > Export (tab) > Save and Email Link (button)
  • Sales Order > Change Order (tab) > Change Order Report (button) > Options (button) > Export (tab) > Save and Email Link (button)

On the right side of the Portal window are the email details.

  • To – auto-populated from the customer’s primary email address. You can manually enter an email address or override the default by typing it here
  • CC – you can add any email address you want.
  • BCC – this will be auto-populated with the iPoint user’s email address if the option is selected in Settings > Users > Email > Auto BCC Self
  • Preview Attachment – this button will load the attached PDF in the default PDF viewer program on your computer
  • Exclude – a check in this box will cause the PDF not to be attached to the email. The document will still be visible online.
  • Subject – auto-populated with the Proposal name and revision number. But you can edit the subject by typing in the subject field
  • Body – this is the body of your email to the customer. It will be auto-populated with the default set in Settings > Module Settings > Proposal (tab) > Email(tab). But again, you can override the default by typing in the text field.
  • Refresh Email Preview button updates the Email Preview on the right side of the Portal window with the changes made to the fields above.
  • Cancel button closes the Portal and won’t send an email.
  • Send button sends the email as displayed in the Email Preview window.
  • The Portal Preview button opens a pop-over window where you can see what your customer will see when they log into the Web Portal.

Web Portal EmailWeb Portal Email

The Email

iPoint sends an email to your customer using our Notification Server. As a result, there is no email setup required in iPoint to get the email sent.

  • iPoint will use the logged-in user’s email address who sent the email as the Reply-To email address. Note that there are settings in Settings > Module Settings > Proposals > Email where the system administrator can customize a number of the email options, including CC or BCC emailing the logged-in sender.
  • The email sent should match the preview you saw in the Email Signature Portal Link window described above with your customizations and modifications listed in the email.
  • The blue View and Approve button will take the customer to the iPoint Web Portal where they can approve or decline the proposal.
  • The PDF attachment displayed at the bottom of the email is the iPoint generated proposal or change order.






Web PortalWeb Portal

The Web Portal

When a customer clicks the View Approval Page button in their email, a web page opens where they can approve or decline the proposal/change order.

The Signature/Approval web page is hosted on the iPoint Datacenter but is branded with your Company Name and the Customer’s name, and the name of their salesperson.

The customer has four options available to them.

  • They can Download a PDF of the proposal. This PDF is the same proposal included in the email they received.
  • They can Print the proposal.
  • They can approve the proposal by clicking the I Approve! button.
  • Or, the customer can decline the proposal by clicking the No, Thanks button.

At the bottom of the Web Portal is a scrollable PDF version of the proposal that they can review online without downloading it to their computer.


When the customer clicks I Approve, additional fields are presented.

  • A Signature field where they can sign using their mouse -on a computer or finger -on an iOS phone or tablet.
  • Additional Comments can be entered.
  • A field to update or enter their Name. This field will be pre-populated with the customer’s name, but they can modify it to correct spelling or change the signer’s name.

Finally, your customer can submit their signature but clicking the green Confirm button. Their confirmation will update the E-signature details in iPoint. In addition, you can get a notification that the customer has viewed, accepted, or declined the proposal by setting up a notification in Notification Builder.

The Clear button will blank out the customer’s signature so they can resign the document. While the Cancel button returns the E-Signature to the approve or decline state.


When a customer clicks the No, Thanks button, a comment field is displayed. Once entered, iPoint will be updated with their comments, and the proposal will be marked as declined. To submit their comments, they will have to click the blue Send button. Or clicking the Cancel button will return them to the start of the E-Signature process.

iPoint Version: 11.0519
Last modified: 23 May 2022

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