Import Vendors from QuickBooksImport Vendors from QuickBooks
Vendors are imported from QuickBooks when you first start using iPoint. This is typically done once, but you may be directed to do this process again when working with an iPoint Support Specialist to repair certain sync issues.

Importing Vendors

  1. Make sure that your vendor list in QuickBooks is accurate. Old vendors you do not want to import should be marked as inactive in QB.
  2. With QB still open, open iPoint and click the blue Get Vendors from QuickBooks button.
  3. If you have previously imported vendors from QB, you will get a pop-up window asking if you want to update your Vendor list. You can choose Yes, to reimport your vendors, or No, to review the previous import from QB.
  4. If you have not yet imported your vendor list, you’ll be prompted to continue the sync (by pressing OK) or abort the sync (by pressing Cancel).
  5. The Vendor sync process might take a while, depending on how many vendors you are importing.


Vendor Sync ListVendor Sync List

Once the import sync has completed, you will be taken to a QuickBooks Vendor Sync page. This is a temporary holding area where you will select vendors you want to pull into your permanent iPoint database.

Note: Keep in mind, you only need to import Vendors where you purchase goods for customer jobs. Since we do not process payables in iPoint, there is no need to pull in utilities, restaurants, office supply houses, and so on. iPoint only needs vendors that you will issue a Purchase Order to for goods sold to your customers.

Go through the list of vendors and choose those you want to import by placing a checkmark in the Select for import column. If a vendor is already imported into iPoint, you will see the corresponding iPoint vendor along with a green checkmark indicating that the synchronization between QB and iPoint is complete.

Should the vendor on your list already exist in iPoint, you can manually link the two by choosing the appropriate iPoint vendor in the corresponding Vendor drop-down list.

You can search for a specific vendor using the search box at the top right corner of the screen.

Match QB Vendors to iPoint Vendors button
The Match QB Vendors to iPoint button is an automated feature to match imported vendors from QuickBooks to existing iPoint vendors in the CRM. This button is typically used when doing new sync from QuickBooks after there are already vendors in iPoint. By clicking Proceed iPoint will loop through every record in the iPoint vendor and check to see if there is an exact match in this QuickBooks Vendors Sync list. If there is a match, we will link the iPoint record to the QuickBooks record. – New in 10.0208

  • Note: an exact match means the same spelling, punctuation, and spacing. Sony does not match Sony, Inc.. Sony-distributor does not match Sony – distributor (notice the space on either side of the hyphen).
iPoint Version: 10.0208
Last modified: 11 Feb 2021

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