invoices sectionInvoices Section
In the Invoices section, you can view a list of invoices created for this customer. At the top of the screen, you can see the customer’s current Invoice Balance Due as well as any Available Credit, which includes both unused credit memos and unapplied payments.

View the Invoices List

For each invoice in the list, you can see:

  • Invoice reference id, type of invoice (for example Payment Request, Credit Memo), the project name, and past-due information (if applicable)
  • Date: The date the invoice was created, OR the date it was submitted—depending on your settings. See Edit Invoice Settings below for details
  • Total: The total amount for the invoice
  • Balance Due: Amount due on this invoice
  • Status: The invoice status (for example, Submitted, Not Submitted, Paid in Full)

You will see Archived down the left side of an invoice if it has been archived.

If an invoice is past-due, the first line will be color-coded:

  • Blue indicates the invoice is 30 days or fewer past due
  • Orange indicates 31-60 days past due
  • Red indicates 61 or more days past due

Invoice showing asInvoice showing as "Past Due" in the Invoices List

View/Edit Invoice Details

To view or edit invoice details:

  1. Click on an invoice in the list
  2. The invoice will open in the Accounting module
    add a new invoiceAdd a new invoice

Create a New Invoice

To create a new invoice:

  1. Click the New Invoice button
  2. A new invoice will open in the Accounting module

Change the Default Delivery Method

The Default Delivery Method dropdown list at the bottom of the screen allows you to indicate this customer’s preferred invoice delivery method (Email or Print). New invoices will reflect the delivery method preference at the bottom near the invoice total information. This setting also pushes to QuickBooks.

Default Delivery Method dropdown listDefault Delivery Method dropdown list

Edit Invoice Settings

Automatically Change Invoice Date to Submitted Date when Submitted

If stipulated in the Settings module, the Date recorded in the Invoices List (and elsewhere) will automatically change from the date the invoice was created to the date it was submitted when the Invoice Status becomes Submitted. To edit this invoice setting:

  1. Go to Settings > Module Settings > Invoices
  2. Tick the Automatically Change Invoice Date to Submitted Date when Submitted checkbox (or untick the checkbox if you would not like the recorded date to change automatically)

Edit Additional Invoice Settings

To edit additional invoice settings in Settings > Module Settings > Invoices:

  • Auto Archive Invoice when Paid in Full checkbox: Tick the checkbox to set invoices to automatically archive when the bill is paid in full
  • Show Archived Invoices by Default checkbox: Tick this checkbox to make archived invoices always appear anywhere active invoices are available (for example, in the Invoice List and in the Invoice section of the CRM module)
  • Invoice Lock If Archived checkbox: Tick this checkbox to lock archived invoices so changes cannot be made

Learn more about the Invoices section by watching the RMA, Invoices, and Payments video

Last modified: 3 Apr 2020

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