iPoint Web Services are a number of functions we run out of our data center to relieve the load on your internal server. Many of these services are email-related and housing them on our web server relieves you from needing to set up and maintain a web server to communicate with your customers.

Web Services Successful TestWeb Services Successful Test


This is the testing tab for iPoint Web Services. Click the Test button on the Testing tab to ensure that the connection between our servers is running appropriately. A successful test will display your company name and location as well as the name of the currently logged-in user. A failed test will display an error. Give this information to the iPoint support staff to aid in troubleshooting the problem.

The Troubleshooting tab will provide help in fixing the Web Services connection.

Important Note: If this test does not work, neither will any of the other tabs here. All of our web-enabled features, including Marketing/WO Notices, E-Signatures, and Credit Card Processing depend on the basic connectivity tested on this screen.


Marketing & WO Notices

Marketing SettingsMarketing Settings

These settings instruct iPoint how to send emails to your customers utilizing your email service provider. Generally speaking, what you enter here is the same as what you’d enter if you were setting up an Email client like Outlook or Apple Mail. Check with your IT Administrator, ISP, or Domain Registrar if you need help finding that info.

Send Email From specifies the “From” address for all Campaign emails.

Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Settings are the same settings you would use to set up an E-Mail client such as Outlook or Apple Mail. iPoint will use these settings to send your messages.

Schedule Settings allow you to specify when to start sending automated messages (Start Time), when to stop (End Time), how often to send in between (Send Frequency), and how many to send each time (Send Quantity). This is so you can plan your Campaigns to stay under your mail service’s limits. (G-Suite Sending Limits)


This tab allows you to verify the settings made on the Setup tab. Enter a valid email address to have iPoint send an email test. For best results use an email address you have current access to so you can verify the email was received.


If you are having problems sending an email, this tab will provide tips and tricks on how to resolve the issues.


We’ll keep track of the various tests run on the system, including the date, email address, and result. The exclamation point button may provide additional details regarding the test. This information may be helpful when speaking with an iPoint support team member.

Send Email From glitchSend Email From glitch

Tips and Tricks

We have had some people report a “glitch in the Matrix” when sending emails. They report that the emails being sent are coming from a different Name then was entered in the Marketing & WO Notices Name field. This issue deals with how the client has emails set up in their email program. Let us try to explain:

Using the illustration to the right, Amazing AV has a scheduling email address that they use. The email should come from Amazing Audio Video Scheduling Dept. However, before they set up iPoint to use this email address for WO Notices, they had an employee assigned to the scheduling@amazingav.com address, we’ll call them George Fox. That employee has communicated with customers historically. So the customer received an email from the scheduling address and saw that it came from George, so they set their address book to show George Fox. Now whenever they receive an email from the scheduling email address, their email program automatically says that it came from George Fox because that is what is stored in their address book.

Now, if iPoint sends a notification to a new customer that has not communicated previously with Amazing AV, their email program will recognize that the email is coming from Amazing Audio Video Scheduling Dept (instead of George) and the email will properly reflect the name you entered when you diligently set up this process.

So, while we wish iPoint could control the entire universe (not really), we don’t have control over what your customer’s email programs have done to name the email address. (And yes, we are working on a cure for cancer, too. But that one is a bit out of our area of expertise as well.)

E-Sig/Payment Messages

This tab deals with signature and credit card payment emails. Again we have a Test tab where you can check to see if the system is working, Troubleshooting with tips and tricks on fixing failed messages, and *Log*where you will find the results of the tests.


This tab details a number of different email-related tests and schedules. If you are having problems with the iPoint Web Services, your support specialist may use this information to help troubleshoot the problem.

iPoint Version: 10.0331
Last modified: 7 Apr 2021

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