February Update!

iPoint Online Beta

We know you’ve been waiting on this, and we are excited to announce that we are ready to open up beta testing of iPoint Online! iPoint Online is connecting to the same iPoint, just through a web browser instead of using FileMaker Pro. For user connecting remotely, it should be a much faster experience than using FileMaker Pro remotely.

To have the best web experience, we are working to update the FileMaker Server software on all servers to FMS 20.3.1. To get your server to the front of the list, please go to Settings > Module Settings > Beta, and from there you can request to have your server updated. Please note, that to update your server, we need all users to make sure they are on FileMaker Pro/Go 19.5 or higher. With this update, they are alerted to this every time they log in if they are not updated. This is critical as they will not be able to connect to iPoint after we update the server software if they aren’t updated.

Click here to learn more about iPoint Online.

Click here to see what features we are still working on for iPoint Online.

Microsoft Email Authorization

iPoint has added OAuth 2 authentication for Microsoft accounts. It is now easier than ever to connect iPoint to your Microsoft Outlook account!
Click here to learn more about linking your Microsoft email with iPoint .

Portal Proposal Import changes

We have improved how we import custom items over from Portal into a proposal. We used to compare the description to the iPoint item name to see if an existing item matched in your iPoint Items list. Now, we match the Model from Portal with either the Item name or part number in iPoint. This should lead to much better matches!

If the customer on a Portal Proposal was a company, we used to match based on First/Last Name instead of Company Name. We now match on the Company Name, which should provide better matches as well!

Recurring Invoice/Receipt Customizations

You can now prevent the delivery of a recurring invoice and receipt of payment to a customer if they have a stored payment method. With this, your recurring invoices, that already have a stored payment, can be charged without sending your customer an invoice or receipt.

This is a big change and has to be enabled in Settings first. Once enabled, you can then adjust your individual recurring invoices to prevent invoice and/or receipt delivery.

Click here to learn more about these changes.

We Sped up Credit Card Processing from an Invoice when Connecting Remotely

There was a bug in play that caused it to be super slow the first time you went to process a credit card for the day. We squashed that bug, and now it should be the same speed to process a credit card in iPoint whether it’s the first try or 50th of the day.

Upload custom PDFs for Electronic Signature

This is built for users who may have addendums or other elements they want to include in the proposal package that Doc Builder doesn’t work to build. Now you can create your Client Proposal, edit the PDF to add your addendums, and then upload that document to be used for Electronic Signature. Please note, that with this, the client’s signature will not be included on your customized PDF. To get a signed PDF copy, you have to recreate the client proposal in iPoint and then make the same modifications to the PDF that you did prior to uploading.

This feature can be enabled in Settings > Module Settings > Beta.

New Button to Generate Barcodes for All Items

If you have iPoint set up to generate barcodes automatically for your items, you may have some older items where those barcodes aren’t set. You can now set all of them with a click of a button in Items > Options > Advanced!

Option to Auto-Sync Credit Memos on an Invoice

Ever been frustrated when syncing an Invoice and iPoint tells you that you have to sync the credit memo first? Yep, we get it. So now we ask you if you want us to sync that Credit Memo for you! Of course, if you like doing it yourself, you can always say no and do it the old-fashioned way.

Option to Clear QB Link on a Payment

There is now an option on the Advanced Payment window where you can click the QB link. This is just like we have in other modules where you can clear out the QB links. This is most often needed if the payment was deleted in QB and you need to re-push it.

Adjust RMA Reference Numbers

We added an option in Settings > Module Settings > General where you can set your next RMA reference number. This matches the same process we already had built for the other iPoint Modules.

Sorting Proposal Groups Alphabetically Didn’t Work

Now it does!

Last modified: 28 Feb 2024

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