The standard screen layout is great on a computer. But some people find the icon dashboard and modules challenging to use on a smaller iPhone or iPad screen.

So, iPoint has a mobile version of CRM that you can enable for your iOS devices. To turn on this Beta feature, go to Settings > Module Settings > Beta (tab) and place a check in the Enable iPhone CRM Views checkbox.

CRM Mobile SelectionCRM Mobile selection

Navigating iPoint

At the top of the screen is a gear icon. Tapping this icon will present you with five options.

  • Re-Login allows you to quickly re-login to iPoint. This is useful if you need to switch users or load new settings that your administrator has set for you.
  • Use Icon Dashboard switches the phone view to the traditional icon dashboard that computer iPoint users are familiar with.
  • Device IP Address displays what the current IP address is of your device. This is useful for troubleshooting.
  • Shut Down iPoint You guessed it, this closes iPoint.
  • Update Agenda The agenda is your list of work orders and assignments displayed on the front screen. Taping this button will sync and update your list, useful for when your device has been out of network coverage.

At the bottom of the dashboard is the Time Clock icon. Here you can clock in and out of the time clock by simply tapping the button.
If the time clock is white, you are not currently clocked in. If the time clock icon is green, your time is currently being tracked.

Choose a list

When you choose the CRM view from an iOS device, you will be prompted with five options

  • Customers – this takes you to a list of people and companies in the iPoint database that are marked as customers.
  • Contacts – this takes you to a list of people/companies in the database that are not customers.
  • Leads – this takes you to a list of current opportunities. Our example is called MDeals, but this is a customizable name and yours will likely be called something different.
  • Leads Dashboard – this enables you to configure what leads and opportunities are displayed. ( More information about the Leads Dashboard is available soon. )
  • Back – this button takes you back to the iPoint dashboard.

Finding Customers and Contacts

CRM Mobile ListCRM Mobile List

Tapping either the Customer or Contacts option will take you to a list of the people and companies that match the contact type.

The menu bar at the top of the screen provides the following options:

  • Home icon – Tapping the house will take you back to the iPoint home screen
  • List Options – The type of list you are viewing is displayed at the top of the screen. Tapping Customers will open a pop-over window where you can navigate to Customers, Contacts, Leads, or the Lead Dashboard. The name at the top of the screen will adjust depending on what view you have selected.
  • Magnifying Glass – This icon opens the Wild Card Search field where you can type a text string to have iPoint search through customers, addresses, and job names.
  • Sort Icon – Tap on the 5 lines allows you to sort the contact list by a number of criteria. You can sort by up to three options at a time, and iPoint will sort the displayed list in the order you select the options in this pop-over window. Tap Close and Sort to apply your selections to the displayed list.
  • Filter Icon – Tapping the funnel icon gives you the ability to filter your list by a number of criteria. Setting options here will change the list view to only those contacts/customers/leads that match the filter criteria entered.

Filter Options

  • Show Archived Contacts – sliding this switch to the on position will display all contacts in iPoint regardless of their archived status. Sliding to the off position will hide any archived contacts.
  • Name, Address, Status, Source – Filter by a number of contact information details, including lead status, lead source, address, and name.
  • Dates, Account Number, Type, Sales Rep – Filter by date range, account numbers, or sales staff and customer type.
  • Custom Fields and Tags – Filter by custom data your company has opted to track. These custom fields are set up by a system administrator in the Settings module.
  • Items and Activities – Allows you to filter by specific product manufacturer, category, and type as well as sales activities tracked by your company.

Once the filters have been chosen, Tap the Close and Filter button at the bottom of the screen to apply your filter to the contacts in your database.

Contact details

CRM iOS Mobile ViewCRM iOS Mobile View

Tapping on a name in the contact/customer list opens a new screen with a number of options to choose from. These are the same options available in the computer view detailed in the main CRM section of this manual. The functionality is the same as the desktop version, just laid out to better fit the smaller iOS device screen.

Tapping on the Address field, for example, opens up the address details, including various contact methods, billing and job site addresses, and sales information.

More information about each of the menu options is available by Taping the link in the Table of Contents to the left.

The number to the right of each menu item indicates how many of that specific item there are. In the image to the right, for example, note that there is one Proposal and 12 Sales Orders for this particular customer.

The + icon at the front of several options is a quick add link. Tapping the plus in front of Notes, for example, will open the new note screen. While the plus in front of the Media menu item opens the add media window.


At the top right of the Contact Details screen is an Options link. Tapping this link will allow users to:

  • Add a custom image or icon for the customer
  • Move this job/customer to a new parent. Simply choose the new parent from the drop-down menu and then Tap Move To This Parent button.
  • Create a New Customer
  • Add a new Job for this current customer
  • Create a new Contact
  • Delete this customer (with appropriate permissions).

There are also checkboxes to:

  • Take a Contact and make them a Customer – place a check in the Customer checkbox.
  • Archive the Customer/Contact
iPoint Version: 9.0814
Last modified: 27 Aug 2020

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