Sales Order Module OptionsSales Order Module Options

The following options apply specifically to Sales Orders.

  No Change Order Discount Modifier: Once a proposal is converted to a sales order the modifiers are not adjustable. This restriction applies to change orders as well. Discounts, however, can be excluded from change orders by checking this box. This is typically used when a builder discount, for example, is given to the customer to win their business. But, modifications to the original sale are not discounted.

  Require Change Order Approval: Selecting this option means that your change orders won’t fully take effect until they have been approved and committed. By default, a sales order can have only one open and active change order at a time. That change order must be committed prior to the creation of another change order. However, with this option selected, a sales order can have multiple unapproved change orders open simultaneously. Users can toggle between open work orders to make adjustments until it has been approved. Individual change orders do not become part of the sales order until they have been marked approved. Unapproved change orders will not be displayed in the Product Manager on the Sales Order.

  Prevent Stock Adjustments on CO: When selected, your change orders won’t commit any stock adjustments. So if you have an allocated item it will remain staged, even if you remove it with a change order.

  Allow Non-billable Change Orders: This option makes it easy to create a no charge change order for your customers with a simple button press. This maintains the original sales price to your customer but tracks inventory and cost adjustments internally. Note: This option is not advised if you are using the RFP accounting method.

  Do Not Show Removed Qty in Product Manager until CO Committed: When selected, your change orders won’t reflect in the Qty Sold numbers in the Product Manager until the Change Order is marked approved/committed.

  Don’t show Packages in Product Manager: Any item marked Package in the Item Details will be hidden from the Product Manager with this option selected. Often, a package is simply a grouping of individual parts/accessories and is not purchased or installed independently. Checking this box will still allow the accessories to show in the Product Manager, but the Package parent (header) won’t appear as an item to be requested, staged, or ordered.

  Allow Product Request WITHOUT Due Date: By default, users are prompted to enter a date that the product is needed when submitting a product request. Checking this box will bypass the date requirement when requesting that the equipment is ordered.

  Hide Uncommitted Change Orders on Sales Order Summary Report: The Sales Order Summary Report displays all active and uncommitted change orders by default. A tick in this checkbox causes only approved change orders to be displayed.

  Allow Over-Allocation/Delivery of Stock: Typically, a user can allocate and/or deliver the quantity of product that was sold on each individual sales order line. If you sold 75 feet of cable, you are not able to deliver 125 feet. By placing a checkmark in this box, you remove that limitation and enable users to deliver more than was sold. – New in 10.0603

  Show Labor and Other Charges in Product Manager: By default, Labor items or Other Charge items, as defined on the item master, are not considered orderable products and as a result are not displayed as products to be requested, ordered, or staged. Checking this box will cause Labor and Other Charge items to appear and be selectable to request for purchase.

iPoint Version: 10.0603
Last modified: 4 Jun 2021

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