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Q: What’s the difference between training and support?
A: Great question! There is a blurry line that divides them, but the basics are:

  • Something is broken – call or email us! Support
  • Ugh, you’re frustrated and can’t do this one darn thing – call or email us! Support.
  • I’ve got a list of 10 iPoint questions – email us the list, or schedule training! Support / Training
  • I want to walk step by step through a scenario in iPoint – schedule training! Training

Q: How do I get support?
A: Call or email us!

  • (800) 535-4101
    Our support hours are (all times Eastern):
  • Monday-Thursday: 8 am – 6 pm
  • Friday: 8 am – 5 pm

Q: How do I get Training?
A: We’ve got a few options to make sure that you have all the knowledge you need to blast off with iPoint!

  • iPoint University
    • This is our video training series that you access from the iPoint Dashboard. We’ve designed those videos to feel like personal training. These videos show you the process of how to do your job in iPoint.
  • iPoint Manual
    • This fancy webamalink thing you are looking at now is the manual! You can search topics or navigate on the left to the module you want to learn more about
  • Scheduled Training
    • If you have users who have watched the videos, read the Manual, and asked the questions, but are still struggling to fully understand how to use iPoint, then you can request individual live training.
      • We have a form that will help you provide the information we need to answer those hard-pressing training questions. Just click the link below!
  • Onsite Training
    • If you feel your full team needs dedicated in-person training, fear not. We have a superhero trainer in our midst and he can come to visit you for a 3-day immersive training.

Q: Why can’t I schedule support?
A: iPoint support always prioritizes emergency issues above all else. We define an emergency as:

  • User is Unable to Access iPoint
  • User is unable to do work that affects cash flow
  • iPoint issue that is negatively impacting your customer(s)

So if you are ever facing one of these, know that we will be tackling your issue before helping other iPoint users with less urgent needs. Since our crystal ball broke back in 2015, we are unable to predict when these emergencies arise and thus are unable to schedule support since we can’t guarantee that we won’t be needed elsewhere. And we definitely don’t want to stand you up!

Q: Can I schedule training?
A: You betcha! Below is the link to submit a training request. Please note that we do ask you to do your homework first by watching our training videos on the topic before we schedule the individualized training.

Q: I seem to always be leaving messages, don’t you answer the phone?
A: We do. A lot! Unfortunately, we seem to run into times where we have 5 or more companies all calling us at the exact same time and our support staff only have 2 arms apiece to answer calls on. We have you leave a message because we don’t want to keep you on hold – we want you to be able to go about your other work and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!!!

Q: How do I submit a feature request?
A: Fantastic question! We really want iPoint to be as useful to you as possible. To that end, we’ve got this whole page that outlines the feature request process, and there you can also see what major enhancements we are working on next! Click here to spend time in our magical feature garden (Whoops, garden is still under construction – we are working on it!).

Q: What if I need help outside of support hours?
A: Every weekend 1 member of our amazing team is on call to monitor all tickets that come in. They are monitoring at least between 8 am and 6 pm on Saturday and between 12 pm and 6 pm Sunday. We have staff all over the country and all times are local to the on-call team member for that weekend. They are trained to help you with any emergency support tickets. For any other ticket, you will not get a response until the next business day (unless our support team is going above and beyond the call of duty). What’s an emergency ticket you say? We define an emergency as:

  • User is Unable to Access iPoint
  • User is unable to do work that affects cash flow
  • iPoint issue that is negatively impacting your customer(s)

Other tips for submitting urgent after-hours tickets:

  • Email us, don’t call us. We can see an email with an Emergency subject line way faster than listening to a voicemail
  • When you send in an email, use one of the following keywords/phrases as this triggers a notification to the whole team and we are more likely to see it after hours on weekdays
    • Emergency
    • Urgent
    • Can’t Connect
    • Server Down

Last modified: 16 Mar 2021

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