Combined Commission ReportReports Combined Commissions
In the Reporting Center, when you click “Combined Report” under “Commissions,” you will be presented with an initial set of filtering options.
  • Date From /To sets the date range of documents to view
  • Status filters only documents with a specific sales order status
  • Sales/Tech/PM (Payee) shows commission payments to a specific individual if their name is entered into the Sales Rep, Project Manager, or Technical Design field of a Sales Order or Invoice.
  • Only with Cust Balance Due set with True or False
  • Customer Payment From/To Date displays reports where the payment was between a specific date range.
  • Customer Payment % shows documents where a payment is = (equal), > (greater than), < (less than), ≥ (greater than or equal), ≤ (less than or equal) to a specified percentage.
  • SO/Invoice Class shows documents with a specific class
  • Project Type shows documents with a specific Sales Order type
  • Original Transaction Type shows Proposals, Invoice, Proposal, Sales Order, or SO/Proposal

Important Note: When using dates as criteria for a Commission report, you will receive accurate results in terms of what activity occurred during the requested dates, BUT, because of the fluid nature of these transactions, it would be unwise to expect the totals to remain constant for each search. Payments can be unapplied or outside a range, items can be added/removed from orders, etc., etc. If you are tracking what to pay your salespeople, it is best to rely on the built-in system of managing balances based on what you have already paid and what percent of the transaction the customer has paid, rather than trying to manage this externally based on date ranges.

“Status,” in this popover, includes Statuses from alI of the Transaction types, so you may wish to consider which Transaction type you are reporting on when using Status as a filter (because selecting a Status which does not exist for the Transaction type you are reporting on may give unexpected results).

If you run the report without choosing any of the Filters here, the default behavior is to include all records where there is a balance due to the Payee. You can adjust that once you get to the report.

The initial view will be sorted/summarized by Payee. On the left of each line, you will see the familiar green “%” icon, which you can click to bring up the Commission Dialog in a new window. Clicking the Design Name will bring up the original Transaction in a new window.

Above the “Parts Amount” column, there is an (i) button that will switch the “Parts Amount” and “Labor Amount” columns with columns showing the Sales Order/Invoice Creation Date (SO/Inv Date) and the Payee’s Role on that transaction (SR1/SR2 for Sales Rep 1 & 2, PM for Project Manager, Tech for Technical Designer. The button will turn black when showing these alternate columns. Click it again to switch back.

Paying Commissions

Paying CommissionsPaying Commissions
The green circles on each line, just to the left of the Balances, are used in conjunction with the green “$” icons just to the left of the Totals for each Payee. Together, these allow you to select multiple Commissions to be paid. Click one or more green circles to select Commission(s) for Payment (they will only show up for Commissions with balances other than zero), then click the green “$” icon to choose more options and complete the Payment.

At the top of this popover, the “Select All” button will select all available Commissions for this Payee, and the “Select None” will deselect them all. Otherwise whatever has been selected in the green circles before opening this popover will show up in the list. Note here that there were two Commissions selected, and the default amount to pay would have been the Balance. In the second line, however, an Override amount has been entered, so that amount will be paid instead on that Commission. Leave Override empty if you’d just like to pay the Balance. Click the “X” if you need to remove any single Commission from the payment.

Once you have the total you want, and you have entered a check number, date (both required), and any additional comment, click “Pay” to continue, or “Close/Cancel” to clear your choices and close the popover.

If you “Pay,” payment records will be created and applied to the selected Commissions, and the Balances will be updated (you will still be on the Commission Report). If you were then to click the “%” icon for one of the Commissions and view the Payments tab, you’d see your newly added Payment(s).


Commission Report OptionsCommission Report Options

Options button

As with most iPoint reports, there is an Options button in the upper right. This button has three sections.


On the Filters/Sorting/Printing tab you will find the same as the options you saw when first running this report. Also available here are options for Printing, Saving, and Viewing the report as a PDF in your default PDF viewer.

In addition, you have two checkboxes where you can:
Balances Only – Show commissions with a balance due to the Payees (this is the default).
and you can include Payments made to Payees

This report can also be sorted and summarized in up to 3 ways by checking the boxes to the right. As noted, they will be sorted in the order you check the boxes.

Update Report button
Click the Update Report button to recalculate the report using the filter and sort options you just set.

Bulk Options

The Bulk Options tab presents the opportunity to

  • Select All records
  • Select None
  • Make a global modification to the rate using the Change All Selected to dropdown
  • Show Selected Only this button will reduce the transactions displayed on the report to only those you have selected using the green circle on the right of each transaction.


The two options in the Advanced tab are powerful tools for updating totals. Since multiple people can be logged into the system simultaneously, there is a distinct possibility that some of the commission data may change while you are working on the report. Clicking one of these buttons will refresh totals based on that snapshot in time.

  • Currently Displayed Commissions will only update those commissions that are displayed on the active Commission report.
  • All Active Invoices/SOs will refresh the commission totals on any active sales order or invoice in the system.
iPoint Version: 10.0123
Last modified: 27 Jan 2021

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