Marketing Sending ListsMarketing Sending Lists

The first step to creating a successful email campaign is to define who you are sending the email to. This is a Sending List. There are two basic types of Lists: “fixed” and “dynamic.”

  • A fixed list has specific members and only changes when you manually add or remove members, or when a pre-defined Notification occurs.
  • A dynamic list (indicated by a tilde “~” next to the count in the list) is based on criteria that you define in the CRM Module. Depending on that criteria, the members of the list may change over time, as Customers make changes which affect how well they match (when they move, when they buy certain items, etc.)

Sending Lists

In the body of the Sending List screen you will see a list of all the email lists you have created.

  • List Name – this is what you called the list when you created it.
  • # of Members – the number shows how many addresses are part of the list. Numbers preceded by a ~ means this is a dynamic list and the count may change as time goes by.
  • – click the List Options button to open a popover window where you can delete the List – just remember, deleting is forever; there’s no undo for that!

Click on any Sending List to open the list so you can see who is included. You can scroll through the list to see everyone’s name and email address.

New Sending List button
You can quickly create a new Fixed List by clicking the New Sending List button. If you want to create a Dynamic List, you’ll need to head back to CRM > Contact List Options.

Bounced/Invalid Emails Report
The Bounced/Invalid Emails Report button at the bottom of the will display a list of email addresses that have failed along with a suggestion for how to fix the address.

  • Customer Name
  • Bad Email
  • Failed On
  • Possible Solutions

Dynamic Sending List DetailsDynamic Sending List Details

Dynamic List

Edit Contact The edit icon will open the customer in the CRM module, where you can make adjustments if necessary.

If the Sending List is a dynamic list, you’ll have the option to adjust the filters used to create the list. Click the Edit Dynamic List Criteria button to open the Contact List Options in the CRM where the list is created.

Contacts that are crossed out on the list have an invalid email address and no email will be sent.


Fixed Sending List DetailsFixed Sending List Details

Fixed List

If the Sending List is a fixed list, you’ll have the option to add a contact to the list. Click the Add a Contact button to open a search popover where you can enter the customer’s name to find the correct email address. Click on the email to add it to the fixed list.

Clean this List button will go through all members of the list and remove anyone who has an invalid, blank, or duplicate email address. This only affects this list and does not adjust the customer’s master record in CRM.

Members of the fixed list also have an edit pencil icon ( Edit Task Details ) where you can see

  • Date Added – the date the contact was added to the fixed list
  • Main Email – the email address used on this list
  • Go to Contact Details – a shortcut to view the customer in the CRM module
  • Delete – a button to remove this email address from the fixed list
  • Cancel – click to close the Edit List Member popup window

Contacts that are crossed out on the list have an invalid email address and no email will be sent.

Choose button
At the bottom of the Fixed List details, you have the option to set a Starting Events (Notification). Clicking this button opens a list of notifications that were created in the Notification Builder in Settings. When a customer matches a notification, they will be added to this fixed list.

  1. Click the Choose button
  2. Click on one or more of the notifications to highlight it
  3. Click Close

Now, whenever a Notification even occurs, the associated contact will be added to the first available Sending List that utilizes that notification.

If the right notification is not available, you can click the green New button to create a notification here, without having to go to the Settings module.

Watch the Marketing Lists training video:

iPoint Version: 9.0722
Last modified: 23 Jul 2020

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