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1. Can I allocate stock on a PO to a job after I ordered it?
Say you have a Purchase Order (PO) with some stock items on it that have not yet been received. But then you realize that you actually want to use those items for a job. You don’t have to wait until the item is received or remake the PO. You can allocate those stock items on order in two ways: from the Product Manager in a Sales Order or the Product Request Manager in Inventory.

From the Product Manager

View the Product Manager by first going to Sales Orders > open the sales order details > click the Product tab > Product Manager > find the item on the product list that needs to be allocated from the stock order and click Details > in the pop-up menu, go to the Stock on Order (tab) > find the Purchase Order (PO) listed and click Use this Ordered Stock
You can then view the PO and see the item now allocated in the PO.

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From the Product Request Manager

  1. View the Product Request Manager by first going to Inventory > Go to Purchasing Manager > inside the Product Request Manager (PRM)
  2. Select the requested item line on the left-hand side that you know you already have on order for stock, but want it allocated to a job
  3. Click the number in the ordered column on the same line as the item (this will show you all the POs which that item is currently on)
  4. Find the PO that has the item allocated to stock and click Use for Stock.
  5. iPoint will then take you to the PO to view that item and its’ allocation there.

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2. How do you push Inventory Receipts to QB using a different date than the Purchase Order?
If you create a purchase order on Sept 23 and sync it to QuickBooks, the QB PO is also dated Sept 23. But if you receive items on the purchase order on Sept 28, the synced item receipts still show up in QuickBooks as being received on Sept 23, the date of the Purchase Order.

Changing the PO date in iPoint does not affect QuickBooks, and future item receipts will still be dated Sept 23.

For completely accurate financial reporting, you want the item receipts in QuickBooks to be dated the day the items are actually received. Generally, the date difference is not a big deal if you receive items in the same month you created the Purchase Order. But what happens if the item receipt occurs in a later month, or even worse, next year?

Here are the steps you need to take.

  1. iPoint PO is dated 9/23/2021 —-> sync to QB – QB PO is dated 9/23/2021
  2. Receive one line in iPoint on 9/24/2021 —-> sync receipt to QB – QB Item receipt is 9/23/2021
  3. Receive the second item in iPoint on 10/8/2021 —-> sync item receipt to QB – the 2nd Item receipt stays 9/23/2021
  4. Open QuickBooks Item Receipts (Vendors > Inventory Activities > Inventory Center)
  5. Find an item on the Item Receipt you pushed
  6. In the Transactions at the bottom of the window, open the item receipt you pushed on 10/8/2021 (it will be dated 9/23/2021)
  7. Change the date to 10/8/2021
  8. Click Save & Close

This manual adjustment moves the inventory adjustment to the correct period (in this case, October).

iPoint Version: 10.0929
Last modified: 6 Mar 2023

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