Inventory Dashboard: Re-OrderInventory Dashboard: Re-Order

The Inventory Re-Order dashboard displays any items that have fallen below their inventory minimums.
If an item has been archived, it will not appear on this list, even if the min/max levels have not been removed from the item. – New in 9.0724

Remember, item minimums are set on the stock tab of the item. Items > Item Details > Stock

The information available here includes:

  • Location – shows the location where the item has fallen below the minimum quantity
    • If the minimum quantity is set for a specific item rather than for a specific location, Item Overall will be displayed.
  • Item – the name of the item
  • Min Qty – the minimum number of the item required for this location
  • Max Qty – the maximum quantity of the item for this location
  • Needs Ordered – the number of items needed to meet the minimum quantity levels.
  • Create Request – place a check in this box to select it for inclusion on a product request.

At the top of the window, there is a Location Filter. Use this field to filter the list of items for a specific van, warehouse, or location. This makes it easier to find items for a particular site when placing your order.

Create Product Request button
Once parts have been selected from the list by placing a check in the select box, click the Create Product Request button to move the selected items to the Purchase Request Manager where they can be ordered from a vendor. You’ll have three options:

  • Cancel – cancel the product request
  • Review – see the actual product request form prior to submitting it
  • Submit – send the product request directly to purchasing

Note: Only items displayed on the Inventory Re-Order dashboard will be added to the product request. In other words, if you filter the list by Location A and check two or three boxes, then filter by Locaton B and check additional boxes, only the Location B items will be added to the product request, because that is all that is visible. Instead, once you’ve selected products in both locations, clear the Location Filter to show all locations (both A and B). Now, pressing the Create Product Request button will request the items from both locations because they are both visible on the screen simultaneously.

Toggle Selected button
The Toggle Selected button reverses the checkboxes on the displayed list of parts. So, Widget A is checked and Whatsit B is unchecked, clicking the toggle button will reverse the checkboxes so Widget A is unchecked and Whatsit B is checked.

Last modified: 24 Jul 2020

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