Slack Slack is a cloud-based set of team collaboration tools and services. iPoint provides Slack integration so that work communication generated from iPoint can be pushed through your companies Slack channels.

To set up Slack there are several pieces of information you need.

First, you need to get your Slack Team information:

  1. Login to the website
    Slack Administer and Manage Apps
  2. Create a Team Workspace by pressing the Get Started button
  3. If you already have Slack Team Workspace open it in your browser
  4. Click your company name to open the Slack Menu
  5. Click Administration > Manage Apps
  6. Click the link to Browse the App Directory
  7. Find and open the “Incoming Webhooks” app
  8. Click the green Add Configuration button
  9. On the Post to Channel screen, select a default channel from your Slack channels (we recommend the #general channel, which is automatically created by Slack.)
  10. You don’t need to set up a WebHook for each user. iPoint only supports one WebHook per company.
  11. Then click Add Incoming WebHooks Integrations
  12. Slack will create a unique WebHook URL for you. Copy that URL to paste into iPoint
  13. Open iPoint
  14. Go to Settings > Company Info > Startup: Paste the Slack WebHook in the Slack URL field

Now you need to configure each of your users’ slack channels

  1. In iPoint, go to Settings > Users > select a user from the list
  2. Select the Contact (tab)
  3. Enter the Slack User Name: This is the same name that was set up in Slack for this particular user. The User Name must match exactly (including capitalization).
  4. In the Default Notification Method drop-down and/or the Assignment Notify Method drop-down, choose Slack so that iPoint will know to send the user’s notification through their Slack channel.

If you wish to use Slack through Notifications for various system driven information

  1. In iPoint, go to Settings > Notification Methods
  2. Click New Method (button)
  3. Name the notification method (i.e. Brooks Slack)
  4. Choose Slack as the Method Type
  5. In the Send To field, past the WebHook URL that you copied from the Slack website in step 12 of setting up Slack (above).
  6. In the Slack User Name/Channel there are a couple of options
  • Enter the Slack username (i.e. brooks) to notify just that particular individual
  • If you want this to go to a specific Slack channel, enter the name of the channel preceded by a hashtag (i.e. #Projects)
  • Keep in mind that the Slack Channel must be configured in Slack prior to entering the channel name in iPoint. iPoint will not create Slack Channels automatically.

Notification Methods can then be used when building Notifications in the Notification Builder module.

Find Your Slack Username

The Slack username needed in iPoint is NOT the display name.

The username can be found by logging into the Slack website (not the app) and going to:

  1. “Account & Profile” on the left.
    Slack: Account & Profile
  2. Expand the Username section at the very bottom
  3. The username will be listed
    Slack: User Details

Integration Disclaimer: Slack is a third-party application that is completely unrelated to iPoint, LLC and we have no control over their code. From time to time, Slack Technologies may choose to modify their API code, which is outside iPoint’s control. We make every effort to maintain accurate connections to external, third-party applications. But in the event you have a problem, please let us know so we can work with Slack to rectify the situation.

iPoint Version: 8.1111
Last modified: 7 Apr 2022

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