Custom Templates OptionsCustom Templates Options
Checking this box means even if you’re not showing modified prices, the Parts % modifier and Margin will always be shown in extended price.

The options tab provides multiple customization opportunities for your proposal template.

Include Tax in Modded Price When this checkbox is ticked, iPoint will include the sales tax on the individual line item price of a printed proposal/sales order when you choose to show modified prices, an option available in the proposal options > advanced (tab) by clicking the Show Modified Prices button.

Note: Choosing to include tax in the price of an item hides the parts and labor sub-totals from displaying on a printed proposal. This is to avoid confusion both the individual item prices and the subtotals both showing taxes making it appear that the customer has been double-taxed.

Always Include Margin & Parts % Mod in Extended Price

Grand Summary Title: This option changes the title of the Grand Totals Summary page of a proposal. To use an alternate name, simply type in the text you’d like to use in place of “Grand Totals Summary.” The White Text checkbox will print the text white instead of black. This is useful when the Grand Summary Title Graphic is dark, making black text on a dark background difficult to read.

Grand Summary Title Graphic is a container that holds a background image to the Grand Summary Title. To upload an image, right-click in the white box and choose the Insert Picture option. Then, navigate to the computer directory where the graphic is housed. The optimal image size for this field is 580 px wide by 28 pixels high.

Hide Line Under Graphic

Page Break On: When you print a proposal, the items can be broken down by location or group. By default, the items will be printed until the page ends and any remaining items will start printing at the top of the next page. However, page breaks can be inserted by selecting one of the following options:

  • New Location will put every new location at the top of the next page, so the theater items will appear on their own page and the dining room items will appear on their page.
  • Similarly, you can force a page break on New Groups of equipment so that audio equipment is grouped together separately from security equipment, for example.
  • The None option will insert no page breaks, causing the proposal to fill one page before starting rolling onto the next page. There will be no blank spaces between locations or groups.

Summary Type: This section allows you to customize what totals printed at the bottom of both the Grand Totals Summary page and the Standard Contract Sumary. Choose the desired option in the drop-down next to each page type.

There are six Summary Type options for you to choose from. For reference, here is what each option looks like when selected:

Detailed Summary

Simple Summary

Grand Total w/ Tax
Total w/ Tax Summary

Grand Total Only
Total Only Summary


Not surprisingly, this option will print no totals at the bottom of the respective page.


The Custom option gives you complete control over what numbers are provided to your customers. These options are described in detail below.

To the right of the Grand Total Summary and Standard Contract Summary are several optional check boxes.
Hide Both Signatures will keep the customer and company representative signature lines from printing on the respective document.
Hide Rep Signatures will print the customer’s signature but not the company representative signature.
Hide Schedule represses the Payment Schedule from being printed.
Page Break Before Totals inserts a page break so that the totals are printed at the top of a new page. This is useful to keep the summary totals from being split onto two pages.
Show Title/Graphic will cause the Grand Summary Title Graphic (described above) to be printed behind the Grand Summary Title text.

Summary Item Options

When the Custom option is selected for either the Grand Totals Summary or the Standard Contract Summary, you will be presented with 15 rows of dropdowns where you can select which summary items to present.

  • Parts & Labor Subtotals Before Modifiers – will combine all parts and labor onto one Subtotal line but will not include any of the global modifiers that were applied to the proposal.
  • Parts Subtotal Before Modifiers – will combine all parts onto one Subtotal line but will not include any global modifiers.
  • Labor Subtotal Before Modifiers – combines all labor onto one Subtotal line without global modifiers.
  • Parts & Labor Subtotal After Modifiers – combines all parts and labor onto one Subtotal line but includes the global modifiers.
  • Parts Subtotal After Modifiers – shows all parts with the associated modifiers on one Subtotal line.
  • Labor Subtotal After Modifiers – all labor is included on one Subtotal line and includes any modifiers applied on the proposal.
  • Parts T – shows the Subtotal of all parts that have been marked taxable
  • Parts No T – shows a Subtotal of all non-taxable parts, where the taxable checkbox has been cleared on a line item.
  • Labor T – displays a Subtotal of all taxable labor.
  • Labor No T – shows a Subtotal of all labor that has been marked as not taxable.
  • Divider Line – use this option to place a divider line between sections of your subtotal summary layout.
  • Global Modifier 1 & Global Modifier 2 – these options will print the dollar amount of the calculated global modifiers included in a proposal/sales order. You can override this option by clearing the “print” checkbox next to each global modifier on the Proposal Info (tab)
  • Margin Adjustment – if the checkbox on the Proposal Info (tab) is checked, the total section will include the amounts added or subtracted to the proposal based on the margin override.
  • Project management – this option displays the Project Management modifier.
  • Misc Parts – the Misc Parts modifier will be displayed as calculated by the options set on the specific proposal.
  • Custom Modifier 1 & Custom Modifier 2 – there are two additional custom modifiers that can be included in the summary, again printing if the print box is checked on the proposal.
  • Discount 1 & Discount 2 – the two discount fields can be added separately when the print option is chosen on the proposal.
  • Discounts Combined – the two discount fields can be combined and displayed as a single line by choosing this option.
  • Tax – displays the calculated tax on the proposal using the tax rate multiplied by the parts and labor marked as taxable.
  • Grand Total – the total of the proposal/sales order.

Summary Item Title OverrideSummary Item Title Override

Each Summary Item will be printed with a default title as displayed on the drop-down list. However, many of the titles can be changed to match the verbiage your customers are familiar with. If the title can be modified, a text field will be displayed to the immediate right of the drop-down. Simply enter the replacement title in the available field.

Cover page Company Info: You can add a brief description of your company to be displayed on the cover page of your proposal by typing it here. Keep in mind that this description will only show on the cover page if you choose the default option for Text Selection on the Cover Page main settings.

Company Rep Title Signature Override: At the bottom of the contract is two signature lines, one for the customer and one for the company representative. By default, the company representative signature line will be labeled as the salesperson on the proposal. Using this override field, you can create a different signature line description. So, instead of the salesperson’s name, you might label it “Rockstar Salesperson.”

Customer Name Signature Override: At the bottom of the contract is two signature lines, one for the customer and one for the company representative. By default, the customer signature line will be labeled with the customer’s name as listed on the proposal. Using this override field, you can create a different signature line description. So instead of the customer’s name, you might choose to label it “Our Best Customer Ever.”

Last modified: 2 Jun 2020

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