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The Reports tab controls how items appear on various reports used throughout iPoint

Custom Group Summary

A Custom Group Summary (CGS) report is a detailed report of specific item details for various equipment groups. This report can be used on its own or added to a proposal package. For a complete description on how Custom Group Summaries work, visit the Settings > Module Settings > Items > Custom Group Summary page of this manual.

In order for a part to be displayed on the CGS, you have to define how the part appears here on the reports tab.

Include In Custom Group Summary – checking this box will let the system know it is eligible to place on a CGS.

The next fields allow you to define what information is going to be displayed about this part on the CGS. Choose from the dropdown lists (created in Settings > Module Settings > Items) to display specific pieces of information.

You can also create Custom Titles and Values using the four CGS Custom fields below the list.

Customer Items Report

This report allows you to print a list of all of the items a customer has purchased. However, you may not care to show the customer every foot of wire or every small connector or insert they have purchased.

Hide On Customer Items Report will cause this part to be hidden on the Item list and on the Customer’s View Items Report when printed.

Picture Book

The Picture Book displays the items you are selling to the client in picture format. Read more here: Proposals > Reports > Picture Book.

Include In Picture Book makes this part eligible to be included in the report. Clearing the checkbox will keep this item from being included in the picture book.

Picture Book Class (Sort Order) – Items in the Picture Book are sorted by a specific order. This drop-down list defines in which class of pictures the item will be included.

Commission Overrides

You may sell certain items that shouldn’t be commissionable based on the salesperson’s commission structure. This could include items with little or no margin or items where you provide a spiff instead of a percentage. Each item in iPoint can have specific commission criteria applied to override the commission rates set up in Settings > Module Settings > Commissions.

Override Type – choose an option from the dropdown menu.

  • No Commission – this selection will cause this part not to be included in commission calculations.
  • Percent of Profit – choosing this option allows you to input the percentage of the profit (sale – cost = profit) that will be paid. This option overrides the salesperson’s commission structure for this particular item.
  • Percent of Total – selecting this option will pay a percentage of the sale price. This option also overrides the salesperson’s commission structure.
  • Fixed Amount – lets you enter a specific dollar amount that you will pay for the sale of this item.

SPIFF Amount A spiff is a dollar amount paid, typically by a manufacturer, for the sale of a specific product. If the manufacturer pays the spiff to you and you, in turn, pay the salesperson, enter the dollar amount here.

  • SPIFF Expiration Date – this is a memo field where you can enter the time frame that this spiff is good until. This is a reference only and does not actually curtail the spiff once a date is achieved.
iPoint Version: 10.0430
Last modified: 6 May 2021

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