iPointTech DashboardiPointTech Dashboard

When you first launch the iPointTech app. And a number of things happen (You need to be connected to the internet for this to work):

  1. The app checks to be sure you are running the most current version
  2. Your personal credentials and permissions are loaded
  3. The work orders and associated elements are pulled down and stored on your device
    In the lower-left corner of the opening screen, you’ll notice the date of the last Update and Credential checks.

Once you’ve launched the app, leave it open. If you lose internet connection, you’ll still be able to use the app with the information you downloaded.


The top section of the dashboard displays:

  • Name of the logged-in user
  • Version of the iPointTech app
  • Options gear

iPointTech Offline If the Options gear is red, that means you do not have internet access. You are working offline.

iPointTech Online When the options gear is white, you are connected to your iPoint server and working live!

Work Orders

The work orders displayed at the top of the screen are the specific jobs assigned to the user who is logged in for the current day. Log in tomorrow, and the work order list will change to the work orders scheduled for tomorrow.

Tap on the map icon to open the work order details including Work Order Name, Work Order Serial #, and the general Description of the work to be done.
Additionally, you can tap on the View Map button to open the job site address in Google Maps or Apple Maps, depending on your preferences.
Tap the Details button to open the work order

To the right of the work order map icon you’ll see:

  • Work Order Name is listed in bold. Your system administrator defines how the work order name is displayed, but the default view includes the technician’s initials, the work order number, and the name of the customer/job.
  • Date and Time – this shows when the work order is scheduled. Notice that all the work orders displayed show today’s date. That is because we only show you the work orders for the technician to complete today.
  • Address – shows the physical address of the job site, as defined on the work order.

The number of work orders displayed depends on how many jobs the user is scheduled for. If you are working in the same place all day, you’ll have a single work order. But if you have several service calls, for example, they’ll all be displayed in chronological time order.

Tap on a work order to open the Work Order Details screen.


The Modules section lists the areas of iPointTech that you can access. Click on each module to be taken to the manual page detailing the functionality of that module.

Be aware that most of the modules displayed are not available in iPointTech, as this is a lite app specifically designed for the things Technicians do. So several of the modules displayed are not functional in the app. Only the modules that work in iPointTech are documented here in the manual.

  • Work Orders – click this module to see a list of all of the work orders available on this device
  • Settings – click here to define what information will be stored for offline use
  • Time Clock – click here to view your time records (typically used for payroll)
  • Calendar – click here to view the calendar of events and work orders

iPointTech Clock IniPointTech Clock In

Quick Links Bar

At the bottom of the screen is a black bar that shows links to the most used functions. Here on the dashboard, you’ll see the Time Clock. The Time Clock is used to track payroll time as opposed to logging time on a work order.

  • If the Time Clock is grey that means you are not checked in and are not tracking time.
  • When the Time Clock is orange, the system is tracking time.
  • Next to the clock icon you’ll see the number of hours tracked for the current workweek.

Here’s the workflow process.

  1. Tap on the clock icon to reveal the Clock In button.
  2. Once you are clocked in, you’ll see the date and time when you clocked in.
  3. At the end of your work shift, tap the clock icon again to reveal the Clock Out button.

iPointTech SettingsiPointTech Settings


At the top right corner of the dashboard, you’ll find a gear icon which is your access to iPointTouch Options.

When the gear is white, you know you have an active network connection and are working online. But when the internet connection is lost, the gear icon will turn red. You will be able to continue working offline.

  • Credentials – this is where the user authorization takes place. Tap this button to:
    1. Enter the user’s email address
    2. Tap Next button
    3. Enter the User Name and Password for the user entered in step 1
    4. Tap Next button
    5. iPointTech will connect with the server and verify credentials. Then a series of syncs take place, pulling the appropriate information for the user onto the device.
  • Settings – this button opens the iPointTech Settings where you can define what information and details are pulled to the local device.
  • Display App Version – this pops up a window showing some technical details about iPointTech. You might need to refer to this when chatting with a friendly iPoint Support Specialist who is helping you resolve an issue.
  • Check for Update – tap to check for software updates. If there is an update, you will be prompted to download it to your device. Note: You will need a network connection in order for this check to function properly.
  • Open Live File – Is there something you want to do in iPoint but can’t here in iPointTech? Push this button to open the live full version of iPoint. Note: You will need a network connection to open the live file. If you are offline, you’ll get an error stating that we can’t find your file.
  • Close – closes the Options popover window.
iPointTech Version: 1.1125006
Last modified: 25 Nov 2020

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