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Assignments are iPoint’s internal “To-Do’s” for you and your co-workers to track tasks that need to be completed. Assignments can be created from many different places within iPoint, such as a Work Order, a Sales Order, or a Project. Assignments that are created from a Sales Order, Work Order, Project etc. will display a link to that specific record from which the Assignment was created. e.g If created from a Sales Order, the link listed below the subject will take the user directly to the record it was created from.

When a user has assignments, they will be listed on the right-hand side of their Dashboard. Any assignments that have not been viewed by the assignee will be designated with a red flag, once the assignment has been viewed by the assignee, the flag will disappear. For more details about assignments can be found in the Assignments Module, located on the Dashboard.

Note that a user’s Assignments also appear on the dashboard of the iOS mobile. They will be presented at the top of the list of modules along with the day’s work order.

After creating a new Assignment a new pop-up window will appear for you to enter the details of the assignment

  • Assignment: This is the subject of the assignment and should be used to define the basic description of the Assignment
  • Assignee: This field will auto-populate with your username. This should be changed to who you are sending the assignment to
  • Status: Status is used to track the current status of the assignment – Not Started, In Progress, On Hold, and Complete
  • Category: This field is customizable and can be used to categorize assignments for use with filters and searching in the Assignments Module
  • Due Date: Use this field to set a Due Date for your assignment
  • Due Time: Use this field to set a Time Due for your assignment
  • Priority: Use this field to set the priority of your assignment 1=Highest Priority, 5=Lowest Priority



Tags are used to further classify your assignment. Tags are customizable in the assignment using the “Add/Remove” button. Tags are shared throughout iPoint, so each Tag is available to every user to utilize. You can assign one or more tags to an assignment, by selecting the checkbox to the right of each Tag. Tags can also be used in the Assignments Module to filter and search by. Create a New Tag by clicking on the “New Tag” at the bottom of your Tag list.

Assignments > FollowersAssignments > Followers


Followers of assignments will be notified when a change to the assignment is made, but will not be listed in the user’s Assignments list. One or more Followers can be added to each assignment and are used for keeping others updated on the progress of an assignment. The method and reminder time of the notification is set up in Settings > Users > Contact Info.

Assignments> NotesAssignments> Notes


Notes are used to provide detail regarding the progress of the Assignment. Each note will be saved, along with the username and time information for who created the note along with the date and time the note was created. To create new Note, click the *“New Note +” button. To delete a note, click the red trash can to the right of each note. You can view all of the notes associated with the assignment by scrolling down in the Notes window.

Assignments > AttachmentsAssignments > Attachments


The Attachments section can be used to upload any relevant files, .pdf, photos, or audio/video to the assignment. To upload a new document, click the “Add Attachment” text on the right side of the window. This will open a pop-up window, by right-clicking in the new window, you will be given the option to upload, or paste documents into the Assignment. After selecting the document you wish to upload, click the “Insert” button, followed by “Save Attachment” to add your document to the assignment. After the file has been added to the assignment you have the option to add a Description for the file. To delete an attachment, simply click the red trash can. To open the attachment, click the brown “View” button below the description.


Assignments > ChecklistAssignments > Checklist


You can also add a Checklist for the assignment if there is a set of tasks associated with the assignment. Create a new checklist item by clicking the “New+” text to the right of the window, or by simply clicking “New Checklist Item”. You can add as many checklist items as necessary. To delete a checklist item, click the red trash can to the right of the item. To check off an item in the checklist, click inside the box for that item and it will be marked as complete. You can also edit a checklist item by selecting the text of the item.

Assignments > LogAssignments > Log


The Log is auto-populated each time a user views or edits an assignment and is not editable. You can view the log in its entirety by scrolling through the list, or by opening the Assignments Module.

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Last modified: 30 May 2019

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