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iPoint can create email or text notifications to your staff members based on various criteria. These notifications are especially useful as a reminder for certain job processes. Or as a cue or reminder to the next person responsible for a specific step.

There are two steps to set-up an automated notification.

  1. Creating Notification Methods as described on this page.
  2. Build the notification trigger, completed in Settings > Notification Builder.

A Notification Method tells iPoint how to send the notification.

Create a New Method

Notification methods are automatically created for each User when you add their email, cell number, or Slack User Name in User Settings. iPoint creates one notification method for each of the contact methods described.

  • User Name Email
  • User Name Text
  • User Name Slack

However, you can set up additional notification methods using these instructions:

  1. Click the New Method button – iPoint will create a blank line in the list of notifications at the bottom of the page.
  2. Enter the Name of Method – this will help distinguish methods apart. For example, use Dave’s Email for an email to Dave, or Rob’s Text to specify how text notifications get sent to Rob.
  3. Assigned To User – from the dropdown list, select the user that this method is associated with.
  4. Select the Method Type from the dropdown list, choose Email, Text, or Slack.
  5. Enter the parameters that correspond with the method chosen in step 4 in the Send To field.
    • When using email, be sure to enter a valid email address. (i.e.
    • When using Text, enter the phone number with the area code. No spaces or parentheses are necessary. (i.e. 5035551234)
    • When using Slack, enter the slack channel (i.e. #Sales) or individual’s Slack contact (i.e. george)

  Split Long Messages – this option is available when using the Text method type. Some carriers limit text messages to 170 characters. If this is the case, texts from iPoint may be cut off. Check this box to break any text message into multiple messages of 170 characters or less each. – New in 9.1113

Notice that as you fill out these fields at the top of the screen, the corresponding line in the list at the bottom of the screen is being completed.

As your list of employees and their associated notifications grow, the User Filter will help you quickly find the notifications tied to a specific user. Pick a user from the dropdown to display their existing Notification Methods.

Edit Methods

Notification Methods created from the user record must be modified in the User Settings and cannot be adjusted here.

Additional Notification Methods created here can be modified as follows:

  1. Click on the chosen method at the bottom of the screen.
  2. The data from the selected method will populate the top half of the screen, where you can make changes and edits as necessary.

Delete Methods

There are two ways to delete an individual notification method.

  1. Click the delete button on any individual line in the list.
  2. Click the method, populating the details at the top of the screen – then click the grey Delete Method button.

Note: System generated Notification Methods from the user details in User Settings, cannot be deleted.

iPoint Version: 10.0105
Last modified: 4 Jan 2021

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