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The iPoint Support module is your one-stop-shop for everything support related!

Clicking on the module opens a pop-over window with every option you could need for contacting iPoint.

  • Online Manual: You are reading the manual right now! Clicking this button opens our manual in your default web browser. We are constantly updating the manual so it should always have the latest and greatest details about iPoint, settings, and tricks.
  • Manual Search: Directly below the Online Manual button is a search box where you can enter a query to search the online manual. This takes you directly to that topic in our manual, rather than having to dig through the manual on your own.
  • Email Us: This button will open your default email program, with a blank email pre-addressed to us so you can quickly shoot us a note with a question or suggestion. By the way, we like attaboys, too!
  • Call Us: Our phone number is never far away. Click this button to call us. And no, our phone number is not 867-5309. And a bonus for iphone users, you can tap on our phone number and have your phone call us directly.
  • University: This button opens a new window where you can enroll in iPoint University. The University is a series of inline courses you can complete right in the iPoint software.
  • Share My Screen: Sometimes you just need a support specialist to look at what you are doing. Click here and enter the number we give you… and voila, we’ll have eyes on your computer.
  • Install iPoint: This button is a shortcut to our online manual where you can find instructions on how to install iPoint on your local computer or iOS devices.

Previous Announcements: When you open iPoint, you are presented with a tip or trick window with insights on how to use the software better. This button opens a list of the historical tips so you can view them again. Or use the search feature to quickly find the announcement that deals with a specific topic.

  • Close: This is a magic button. Pressing it will make the Support Options — “poof” — disappear!

iPoint UniversityiPoint University


The University is a great place to start your training. Let’s look at each section and how to use it.

My Courses

  • Here you will see the topics you have already enrolled in. Clicking on one of the courses will load a series of classes in the right section of the screen.
  • The percentage indicator shows how much of the class you’ve completed.
  • The blue “X” button will remove the course from your list. Keep in mind, that deleting a course from your list also removes all the progress you’ve made. So if you delete it, prepare to re-watch all the topics to track your progress again.
  • When you complete a course, you’ll get a shiny iPoint badge indicating your successful graduation from the course.

Available Courses

  • This is a list of courses, broken down by major role, that you can view.
  • Click the blue Enroll button to move the course into the My Course section above.

My Classes

  • Clicking on a course in the My Courses section will populate this list with a series of individual classes.
  • Each class is a series of videos and quizzes to help you optimize your learning.
  • The Completion % shows how much further you have to finish the class.
  • The blue button will provide several options
    • Start lets you begin the course for the first time.
    • Continue will help you pickup where you left off last time you attended class.
    • Review lets you take a class again – maybe you want to review to make sure the teacher knows their stuff!

At the top right corner of the University, you might have a couple of buttons available.

  • If you are a System Administrator, you’ll seek the Admin Portal button. Click this to see the progress of all iPoint users in your company.
  • Sometimes the University videos can be glitchy when running on older computers. Open in Web takes you to a web page version that might work better for those times your computer just doesn’t want to cooperate.
Last modified: 3 Apr 2020

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