So you are considering integrating with Portal or have finished the integration within your settings. However, what about all the Proposals you have stored in Portal you have worked so hard on? Good news! We can import your Proposals from Portal into iPoint!

Note: In order to utilize the Portal Proposal Import, you must have a Portal Pro Account.

Proposal Import Complete Window

How to view your Portal Proposals within iPoint

  1. Select the Proposal Module within your iPoint Dashboard
  2. From here, choose Options at the top of your Proposal List
  3. Select the Advanced Tab to view additional options
  4. Click on the option Fetch Portal Proposals
  5. The Portal Proposal Window will appear reflecting the list of proposals that resides in your Portal.

Portal Proposal Window

Within the Proposal Window, you will see your Proposal list display information such as; Proposal Name, Client Name, Total Amount, Company and Status.
To help narrow down which proposals you would like to import, we implemented options that can be applied to this list.

Wild Card Search – This is a custom search field that will identify the proposals based on text entered.
Status – Allows you to filter the Proposals based on status such as; Accepted, Completed, Delayed, Draft, Submitted, or Changes Required.
Sort By – Allows you to sort your proposals by name or status.
Asc/Dsc – Allows you to sort proposals by ascending or descending order.

After choosing your filters or sorting options, select the Apply Filter option for the filters to apply to your proposal list. As well, we included a Clear Filters option remove any filters or sorting options that were applied.

List View OptionsList View Options

Proposal List View Options

Additionally we also included an option to change the view of your Proposal List.
In List View you will see your filter and sort options at the top of the window.
Doc View will display your Proposal’s information the same as it does in list view. However, the filters options would be found on the left when selecting the Sidebar icon.

How to Import Portal Proposals

So now you are able to see your list of Proposals from Portal and know how to navigate through the Portal Proposal Window. Great work! The next step is to import.

Import Complete Window
  1. Once you have identified the Proposal you would like to import, simply choose the Import Proposal option.
  2. After selecting Import Proposal, iPoint will identify if the customer name exists within your CRM. It will open the name matching with the proposal and ask “Is this the correct customer?”. Selecting No will prompt you to enter the name of the new customer to be added into your CRM along with the customer’s information that was added within Portal’s Proposal. Selecting Yes will tie the Proposal to the existing contact within the CRM.
  3. If some of the fields of your Proposal are marked as Required for your Proposal Settings, you will be prompted to select or apply the data that is required for these fields. This includes the Proposal Class, Type, Status and Expected Close Date. – New in 12.0425
  4. If you are using Custom Data Lists, once you have confirmed the customer name for the proposal, you will be prompted to select which Custom Data List you would like to apply to the proposal. Once you made your selection, press Continue.
  5. Once your Proposal is finished importing, you will be directed to the Designer window for the Proposal. You will be prompted with the Import Complete window to confirm that your totals in iPoint matches with the totals for the Proposal shown in Portal. If all appears correct, you are finished! Now wasn’t that easy?

Data Imported from Portal Proposals

When importing proposals from Portal, there is additional data that can be imported and added to your iPoint company file during the importing process. Below is the list of the data and how iPoint recognizes and handles the data.

  • Labor Items – Labor Items on Proposals will be mapped to an existing Labor Phase. If the Labor Phase does not exist, iPoint will create it. If the proposal in Portal contains the same Labor Item (Example: Prewire) that has two different prices, the import of the proposal will be halted. iPoint does not support this action. To resolve this, simply rename one of the Labor Items and the import will work just fine.
  • Tax Rates – If a Tax Rate exists that matches the percentage on the proposal iPoint will use that tax rate. If not, iPoint will create a new one matching the tax rate that was applied to the proposal in Portal.
    We Implemented a new Tax Rate Hierarchy for importing proposals that will ensure the correct tax rate assigned. – New in 12.0425
  • Recurring Services – If a Recurring Service has been applied to a proposal, it will not be added to the iPoint proposal. This is due to how it creates a difference in the proposal’s Grand Total
  • Custom Items
    1. When we import custom items in Portal, we first look to see if there is a matching item in iPoint. We compare the Portal Model field with both the iPoint Item Name and Part Number fields. If the Model matches either, then we put those iPoint items on the Proposal.
    2. If there isn’t an iPoint Item that matches, then we put the Portal Custom Item (a non-inventory item we will auto- create when you first need it) into the iPoint Proposal. We then put the Model as the Item Name Override and the Part Number Override so your customer sees the Model and when purchasing you see the Model as well.
Last modified: 15 Feb 2024

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