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Take full advantage of the iPoint platform by learning how it works at your own pace, one-on-one online or onsite.

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iPoint Software webinars

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Attend a live webinar

Our live webinars are 1-hour long, covering iPoint module specific features and include a Q&A at the end.  Registration is free.

  • Free to join
  • 1-hour long
  • Q&A included

live webinars are for those who have completed the university course for their job role and want a more in depth training.

In addition to the general workflows, we provide ad hoc webinars on new features, tips and tricks.

Usually once a month, but it is based on demand and trainer availability.

We use a splash screen in iPoint when you log in to tell you about all things iPoint including up coming webinar schedules.

iPoint University

iPoint University is a role based training system. Each user can enroll in courses that pertain to the roles that perform in your company. Administrators can monitor and review course completion in real time for each of their team members.

On Site Training

On Site training is not available for the remainder of 2019. On site trainings will be available again in 2020

Spire Integrated Systems, Troy, Michigan

Which Products Are Your Most Profitable? Spire Integrated Systems relies on iPoint software to isolate the sales, profit and install history for individual products, among other efficiencies. These sound like simple questions, but many integration companies have difficulty answering these inquiries with any level of specificity: Do you know which products are your most profitable […]

SoundVision, Mooresville, North Carolina

Ending the Software Revolving Door SoundVision in Mooresville, N.C., cuts its proposal turnaround time by 75% and boosts closing rate to 95% using iPoint. Unfortunately, software can sometimes be a revolving door for integrators. You try one for two years… it doesn’t work so you try another one. Two years later that one is discarded […]

AV Design Consultants, Springdale, Arkansas

Integrator Yields Miraculous Profit, Efficiency Results Using iPoint AV Design Consultants increases profits by 15%, eliminates $25,000 in annual lost inventory, and boosts labor utilization rate by 25%. How’d they do it? Miracles really can come true … even in the custom electronics industry. In just the past three years, Chris Palmer, operations manager at AV […]