iPoint Pricing and Guarantee

The 60-Day Guarantee

Seriously! We know it’s unheard of for a software company to provide a full 60-day 100% money back guarantee, but iPoint is designed to start paying for itself right away. We guarantee you will immediately see the value in the streamlined processes iPoint will infuse into your business. Our goal is to increase your productivity by a minimum of 5%. If your company generates $1 million in annual revenue, that’s an additional $50,000 in revenue which translates into an average of $22,000 gross profit. And the best part is: the bigger you are, the bigger the impact iPoint will make on your bottom line! However, if for any reason during the first 60 days you decide iPoint is not for you, we will immediately give you an unconditional 100% refund.


iPoint Control All Inclusive Package $3,499

Each Additional User License $299

Includes iPoint Control, QuickBooks sync, all server software, file setup, data import from existing solution, and as much live technical support and training as needed.

Monthly Maintenance

Server and Primary Account $150 + $45 for Each Additional Active User

Includes all perpetual software licensing, all iPoint new features and upgrades, server management, ongoing live technical support and training.

Wait… there’s an upfront cost and a monthly maintenance cost?

Yep, but let us explain why. When you purchase a cloud-only system like that intelligent office software, you don’t have an upfront charge. BUT if you decide that the intelligent office isn’t so smart any more, all your data is gone—as in poof, up in smoke, hasta la vista baby. Good luck getting the intelligent office guys to let you download all your data (we’ve tried), let alone then you have to figure out how to make sense of the data they did let you download.

Now, if you purchased a traditional software like that tool company, then you have a local installation with all your data on your own server. Great! Except now, because of the traditional architecture your cloud connectivity sucks. They try and come up with quasi-solutions, but they don’t get the job done. In addition, you are likely still paying them for software maintenance anyway.

And then there’s iPoint: we’re the best of both worlds. We have a traditional software platform that you purchase your licenses for. That’s the upfront price which also covers all the live training and on boarding. But iPoint was built to be a cloud service, meaning you can use it on all your iOS mobile devices, along with PC and MAC, and access it from anywhere in the world. The other great thing about cloud software is you don’t have to worry about a server—we have that covered too! Our monthly maintenance covers the management of your server by iPoint technicians, so all you have to do is plug in the computer and we take it from there. There is no other offering like it! iPoint is all the benefits of traditional and cloud software wrapped up in one fantastic solution.

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