Software that lets you keep your data, perpetual upgrades and unlimited support.

Our pricing is designed to give you the best upfront value, ongoing support and training for the unique nature of our software, which combines the benefits of both conventional and cloud-based applications – the only one in the audio video industry – to offer a superior solution dollar per dollar.

One-time fee

Setup and onboarding

$ 3,499 00

Additional user setup

$ 299 00

What is included

Data Migration from Quickbooks

Server configured

File system setup

Assisted Data migration

Unlimited training and support

Unconditional 60-day money back guarantee

Monthly Services

Server Management and primary account support

$ 150 00

Additional user support

$ 45 00

What is included

Server management

Live tech support

Unlimited training

Secure data backups

Fail over hosting

Unconditional 60-day full money back guaranteed.

We are the only software company in the industry who will give you 100% of your initial investment if you are not completely happy with our solution during the first 60 days of using it.  No caveats, no questions asked, just your money back.

Purchase, installation, access and licensing frequently asked questions.

We understand finding and purchasing a comprehensive solution like our software in your business can be a daunting endeavor filled with anxiety and questions.  Our goal is to provide clear, concise and simple information about our pricing, what you get and what we will do for you.

We are ready to talk to you and answer all your questions, no-obligation.  In the meantime, we have created a quick FAQ to help you make the right decision and purchase the audio video software that is right for your business.

The iPoint server application can run on any windows 10, server 2016 or server 2019 based PC that meets our minimum specifications.

Heck Yeah! We are based primarily on Filemaker, an Apple subsidiary. So, Mac, iOS and Windows PC are all fully supported with native apps. In addition iPoint can be used in a browser so we have Android and ChromeBook cover as well.

You purchase a license to use iPoint indefinitely. iPoint runs on the Filemaker platform, which is licensed through your on going maintenance with iPoint.

Typically on a server you own. Although cloud hosted options are available upon request.

iPoint is based on Filemaker which includes. web interface that can be used in place of a client application. In addition iPoint provides additional services though our web servers, however the data is always maintained on your server.

We work with you and your team to import data from QuickBooks, or any other data source provided you can provide a csv data list.

iPoint was launched in 2013 and we now have hundreds of AV companies using our platform.

The initial setup of iPoint by our team is done usually within 1 day. The data migration is typically 1-2 days and training can be completed in a few hours per person. A more general answer is it takes most companies 30 days to get fully on boarded and comfortable with the platform.

Our training platform is a self based online university course. We have dedicated courses for each job role, so each person only needs to learn the part of the program they will use. After finishing the course, our live support staff are here to provide you hero level support as needed.

People first. You are not really buying software when you purchase iPoint. You're buying a comprehensive platform and team of people that are experts in this field that have built the most comprehensive solution available. In regards to the platform, we are not limited by the ever changing web browsers, and we are not limited by the traditional windows VS Mac client architectures. Instead we make use of the best of all platforms along with Filemaker and blend them into a single interface for you.

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