Our Mission

We create perceptive solutions that solve everyday problems and offer procedural wisdom to help businesses increase profitability and reduce chaos through organized workflow, processes, communication, and documentation.

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Our Team

We are a people-first company. We believe that our people capital is the most important asset to build amazing software.

Brooks Swift
Brooks SwiftFounder and CEO
Brooks loves being outdoors, spending time with his family at the beach, scuba diving, hunting, and occasionally throwing down on Halo.
Kelli Swift
Kelli SwiftAccounting
When not busy crunching numbers, Kelli enjoys spending time by the pool catching some rays and enjoying a good book.
Rob Marks
Rob MarksCOO
Rob enjoys spending time with his wife and daughters, snowboarding, and traveling (especially to escape Minneapolis winters). He is also learning new outdoor traits like skiing, snowshoeing, and sailing.
Brian Good
Brian GoodRelationship Manager
Not your typical sales guy, Brian takes the time to understand what it will take to create your easy button and then makes it happen.
Chris Kuhn
Chris KuhnDeveloper
A native Southern Californian, Chris’ greatest satisfaction is creating products that make people happy. He enjoys coaching his sons’ soccer team, playing in the desert, and fixing his boys’ toys.
Bill Pelfrey
Bill PelfreySupport & Data Specialist
Bill grew up in the cornfields south of Chicago, but today lives in Kentucky where he enjoys spending time with his wife and kids and new grandson. An ordained minister, Bill serves at his church in multiple capacities. In his free time, he enjoys the outdoors, music, and reading.
Shawn Dannen
Shawn DannenLead Support Specialist
Iowa born, Kansas living, Shawn enjoys spending time with family, reading, going to the movies, and rooting for the Chiefs. After hours she enjoys sitting around a bonfire with friends. During hours, she enjoys taking your calls to help you with your support needs.
Rose Doose
Rose DooseSupport & Onboarding Specialist
Originally from Wisconsin, Rose lived in Germany for eight amazing years and now resides in Omaha, Nebraska. She enjoys going on bike rides and spending time with the hubs and their three sweet, crazy pups, and friends.
Shannon Torres
Shannon TorresDirector of Business Success
Born a Greenbay Packer fan from Wisconsin, Shannon has lived throughout the Caribbean for the last 13 years. She lives to breathe the creativity of living life through experiences such as cooking, reading, or going on an adventure to a new place. She comes to us with a bachelors in Business Administration with a minor in Marketing, but is a true learner for life.
Evan Meeks
Evan MeeksDeveloper
Born and raised in North Georgia, Evan grew up hiking the Appalachian Trail and embracing the outdoors. He’s a Video Engineer turned Data Scientist, and spends most of his time traveling with his wife, exploring new cities, finding new restaurants, and learning new hobbies.
Bradley Allen
Bradley AllenSupport Specialist
Born and raised in the Appalachia mountains of South East Ky, Bradley enjoys collecting and playing classic video games and Legos and introducing his childhood games and toys with his kids. You can oftentimes find him tinkering with a new project, doing crafts or art.
Michael Mullarky
Michael MullarkySupport Specialist
Michael has a degree in Kinesiology from the University of Alabama and is currently working on a second degree in Accounting from Colorado State University. If he’s not outside or at the gym, you can find him cooking, reading, or watching movies.
Madi Brown
Madi BrownSupport Specialist
Born and raised in California, now residing in Arizona. Madison enjoys playing badminton, exploring new cuisines, traveling, and spending time with family and friends. You can often find her cooking, listening to audiobooks or watching a new show.

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