Sound Concepts, Jonesboro, Arkansas

Sound Concepts, Jonesboro, Arkansas iPoint Software Helps Integrator Reduce Potential for Human Error Sound Concepts in Jonesboro, Ark., uses iPoint software to speed up its billing and inventory processes, and reduce human error. Ryan Heringer (left), owner and president, and Jimmy Smith, operations manager, of Sound Concepts in Jonesboro, Ark., use iPoint

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SoundVision, Mooresville, North Carolina

SoundVision, Mooresville, North Carolina Ending the Software Revolving Door SoundVision in Mooresville, N.C., cuts its proposal turnaround time by 75% and boosts closing rate to 95% using iPoint. Mark DiPietro of SoundVision in Mooresville, N.C., changed software every two years before discovering iPoint four years ago. “I guess I just wanted to

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