Who will train my team?

Our training platform is a self-based online university course. We have dedicated courses for each job role, so each person only needs to learn the part of the program they will use. After finishing the course, our live support staff are here to provide you hero level support as needed.


How long does it take to implement?

The initial setup of iPoint by our team is done usually within 1 day. The data migration is typically 1-2 days and training can be completed in a few hours per person. A more general answer is it takes most companies 30 days to get fully onboarded and comfortable with the platform, however by following

Is the software web-based?

iPoint is based on Filemaker which includes web interface that can be used in place of a client application. In addition iPoint provides additional services though our web servers, however the data is always maintained on your server.


Does iPoint work on Mac?

Heck Yeah! We are based primarily on Filemaker, an Apple subsidiary. So, Mac, iOS and Windows PC are all fully supported with native apps. In addition iPoint can be used in a browser so we have Android and ChromeBook cover as well.

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