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Work Orders

Coordinate work with your techs at the office or in the field.

Creating Work Orders

  • Create work orders directly from the project or the calendar
  • Create work orders directly from an invoice—which is especially helpful for service work, where you don’t need to go through the proposal to sales order process
  • Create persistent work orders which allow you to use the same work order for multiple days

Use Work Orders in the field

  • Create work orders in the field—in real-time
  • Deliver all or multiple parts at once from the work order
  • Indicate actual time it took to complete specific tasks
  • Call or email the customer from mobile work orders on iOS
  • View map and driving directions to the job site directly from mobile work orders

Keep track of expenses, hours and location in the field

  • Track expenses incurred by technicians in the field.
  • Upload and save receipts for invoicing and employee reimbursement
  • Have techs clock in directly in the work order when on a job to keep track of time on each work order
  • Track the GPS location of your technicians while they’re on the clock and in the field