Tying the Knot – Linking Sales Orders

Linking Sales OrdersiPoint gives you the ability to tie multiple sales orders together so you can manage the ordering of product and project tasks all in one place. Why would you want to do this? Maybe you have a customer that has accepted two different proposals, one for his security system and another for their home theater remodel. You want to bill these two proposals separately but manage installation and product procurement simultaneously.

Another example might be a builder who has a proposal for the base items in a new home, but the homeowner has a separate proposal for all of the upgrades that they want to include. These would be two distinct proposals, one billed to the homeowner and one to the builder. But you want to link them so you can assure that the product is being ordered together and the install happens at the same time.

Linked sales orders allow you to invoice your customers separately for their own job. But on the product manager of the linked sales orders, you will be able to see all the product for both customer’s items together at once.

Linking multiple sales orders together also allows you to use one project for the sales orders, so you can assign tasks to your install technicians from all linked sales orders at the same time.

How do you do it?

Linking sales orders is done under the Options tab of a specific sales order. Determine which sales order is going to be the master sales order. From the child or sub sales order, go to Options and choose the “Link with Another Sales Order” drop-down menu to find the master sales order name.

You can link as many sales orders together as you want, they just all need to be linked to the master sales order.

If you don’t see the “Link with Another Sales Order” drop down, it likely means that that sales order already has a project linked to it. You will need to delete that project before you can link the sales order to the master as you need to use the master’s project.


Here is a video that will help provide additional details.