Show Me the Money!!! Tracking Expenses in iPoint

Add an Expense From a Desktop Computer

iPoint makes it easy to track expenses incurred while working with customers in the field. You can also quickly and painlessly pass those charges on to the customer when appropriate.

Step 1: Adjusting the Settings

Before adding expenses you’ll need to adjust some settings:

  1. Go to Settings > Module Settings > Projects Tab
  2. Choose a default item from the Default Expenses Item dropdown list
  3. Choose a percent for the default markup in the Default Expenses Markup dropdown list

Step 2: Adding an Expense to a WO (or Project)

Add an Expense From an iOS Device

To add an expense from the Work Orders module, complete the following steps.

  1. On a desktop computer:
    1. From an open work order, go to the Auto/$$ tab
    2. Click the New Expense button
  2. On an iOS device:
    1. From an open work order, scroll down to Other Expenses
    2. Select Expenses
    3. Click the + icon in the top right corner
  3. In the popover window that opens, enter the purchase details
    1. Date of purchase
    2. Technician’s name
    3. Location purchased
    4. Amount of the purchase
    5. Description of purchase
    6. Purpose
    7. If it’s an item that’s in your inventory, choose the item from the Item Name dropdown list
    8. Tick the Reimbursable checkbox if you need to be reimbursed because you paid out of your own pocket
    9. Tick the Not Billable checkbox if this expense is not billable
    10. If you’re on an iOS device, you can take photo of the receipt and store the image here:
      1. Press the Receipt Image box
      2. Select Photos
      3. Choose the photo you want to add from your photo library
  4. Click the Save/Close button

The added expense will now show on the work order, as well as any projects and sales orders for this job. Alternately, you can add expenses in the Projects module under the Expenses tab.

Step 3: Billing

Invoicing an Added Expense from a WO or Project

From the Work Orders module or the Projects module:

  1. In the Details tab, click Invoices button
  2. In the popover window that opens, click the Create Invoice button
  3. A dialog window will open asking if you would like the expenses associated with this WO to be added to the invoice
    1. Click Yes
  4. A second dialog window will open asking if you would like to include any labor time from the WO on the invoice
    1. Choose Yes or No
  5. A third dialog window will open asking if you would like to include any additional parts from the WO on the invoice
    1. Choose Yes or No
  6. On the invoice that opens, you will see the added expense, as well as any additional parts and labor
add selected to change order

Add Selected to Change Order

Adding an Expense to a Change Order

If the expense incurred on a WO that is associated with a sales order, you’ll need to do a change order in order to bill the customer. To add the expense to a change order, complete the following steps:

  1. Open the Sales Order module
  2. Go to the Project tab
  3. Click the View Expenses Button
  4. In the popover window that opens, click the Add to Change Order button
  5. A window will open showing all the expenses
  6. Tick the Select To Add checkbox at far right to select any expenses you’d like to add to the change order
    1. In this window, you can also choose to mark any expenses as not billable by ticking the Not Billable checkbox
  7. Click the Add Selected To Change Order button
  8. In the popover window, choose from the two available buttons:
    1. Cost Only button: will add just the cost of the expense to the change order
    2. Cost & Price Plus Default Markup button: Will add the price and any markups to the change order

For more details, check out this video on tracking expenses: