Sales Order Module Features

  • Allocate product from stock, submit a product request to the purchasing manager, or create a purchase order

  • Stage product in bulk to save time

  • Allocate non-inventory items, such as wires and cables

  • See at a glance which of your parts have been ordered, staged, and delivered

  • Create tasks from products

  • Create deposit invoices, invoices for progress billing, and other invoices for the sold sales order

  • Link multiple sales orders, which will allow you to do all of the product ordering, billing, and task creation from one sales order for efficient records keeping

  • Create and track change orders efficiently:

    • Change orders are nested into the original sales order
    • Each change order is individually tracked
    • Remove an item but keep the labor on the change order
    • Automatically include items added by your techs in the field
    • Bill change orders with standard line item billing or progressive billing

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