Quench Your Thirst with a Refreshing Icon…

Did you know that when you’re adding parts in the Add Products popover, you can click the small refresh icon in the upper left-hand corner of the Quick Add button and it will refresh all of the products you just added? True story!

This tiny refresh icon is super useful if you want to quickly add a bunch of products and don’t want to slow everything down by clicking the Add & Refresh button each time.

fullscreen add product window

Full-screen Add Products window

Instead, use the Quick Add button to add each item and click the refresh icon at the end. Basically, the refresh icon works the same way as the Refresh Data button in the full-screen
Add Products window.*


*Note: If you have never used the full-screen Add Products window, let’s take a quick side jaunt!

To open the full-screen Add Products window:

  • Click the green Full Screen button at the top of the Add Parts popover.
  • This will open a separate full-screen Add Products window.
  • You can set the two windows up side-by-side so you can see the Designer window while you’re adding parts.

There are a few advantages to using the full-screen Add Products window. You can:

  • See the entire list of product choices without having to scroll (though you may have to stretch the screen a bit larger).
  • See your entire list of locations without having to scroll–very useful when you have a long list of locations
  • See the entire Designer screen and all of the information for each added product instead of having half of the product information hidden behind the popover window
  • Access a unique feature: the Clear Locations On Add checkbox
    • Ticking the Clear Locations On Add checkbox which will force you to choose a new location each time you add a product (iPoint will clear the current selected location as soon as you add a new product)